The Amazing Race: Adams Family Edition

In five short hours our family will embark on our summer vacation. Where are we going? Mr. John and I decided we should have an adventure in our very own backyard… The great state of California!

Our family LOVES The Amazing Race and we are always imagining who would do certain challenges and how we would react to the different tasks. Mr. John and I put together a series of challenges and clues for the kids to figure out all around the golden state.

The best part? The kids don’t have any idea this is happening! They are going to wake up in the morning to find an envelope with their first task, which is to pack a specific list of items and we will give them their first clue.

I’m so excited to start this adventure and to have fun with the kids! Have an AMAZING day!

Links to the whole adventure:

Day 1  :  Huntington Beach
Day 2  :  Wicked
Day 3  :  Legoland
Day 4  :  Santa Anita Racetrack
Day 5  :  The Sequoias
Day 6  :  Chicken Farm / Fresno Grizzlies first pitch
Day 7  :  Jelly Belly / Trace Adkins concert
Day 8  :  Gold country
Day 9  :  Golden Gate Bridge
Day 10:  Gymnastic Olympic trials
Day 11:  Garlic ice cream challenge / Home

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  1. Dudette

    Thats AWESOME!! Have fun, can't wait to hear about all the adventures you are going to have & memories you are about to make together 🙂

  2. Pam

    You all are the best parents ever. 🙂 What fun you will have together. And oh the memories! ENJOY!!!! ♥♥♥

  3. Susie

    How fun is that! I hope you are driving around in that car I LOVE! I am determined to apply for AR, but I can't decide with whom I should have all that drama, I mean fun with!

  4. Vtay

    Your kids are so lucky!!! My husband and I love amazing race and dream of getting on……I would totally live vicariously thru you….you need to record this and send in to the producers for the next season….you are a soe in!!! Have fun!


  5. Paula

    What a gre!at idea for a family vacation! Have a wonderful time and enjoy the race!

  6. Anonymous

    hello !!that's sound like a wonderful trip!! I don't know anything about this race; an american tv show ?a movie?? a traveler cookie???…well I'm a french girl with no TV, excuse my ignorance …lol
    I love the idea of clues and challenges and surprises…hope you will share this trip with us… wish you and your family a very very happy, funny, sweet vacation 🙂
    yvette from france

  7. FUN idea! Love that you're exposing your kids to all the wonders of your state too. Look forward to reading all about your Amazing Race.

  8. had fun reading about your adventures! What a wonderful idea. When my boys are a bit older, we'll definitely have to try this!!

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