Day 2: Amazing Race

This morning we once again woke the kids with the AR theme song to get them going. After a waffle breakfast in the hotel lobby, the clock struck 9:00 and we were able to open our clue envelope. Inside it told us to go to the San Diego Civic Theater and find a lady with a pink bow in her hair. The kids were to ask her if she was a good witch or a bad witch.

We headed out to San Diego in search of the pink be-ribbonned lady. After walking around a little, Sage spotted her. The kids were really nervous about asking her the question. What if that’s not her?! Finally, Sage worked up the nerve to ask her and the lady beamed and said, “I’m a good witch!” and gave the kids a box of souvenirs from the show Wicked and an envelope with the next clue. It said, “congratulations! You’ve found the good witch. You will get your next clue after the show!”

we went in and got our seats! Wicked is such an amazing show! The kids loved it and I only cried a little. After the show there was an actor’s q&a and that was fun to see some of the performers and hear them answer questions.


The next clue led us to the USS Midway where we got to see the ginormous aircraft carrier up close and it was mind boggling! The kids had to find out how fast it could go. Again, the kids were a little shy to ask people questions and once again Sage was the brave one that stepped up to ask. It’s been very surprising as Bailey is our resident chatterbox. We eventually found a volunteer who we chatted with for a while and found out the Midway can travel up to 30 knots.

Our next envelope told us our second leg was finished and we could enjoy the rest of our day. We decided Old Town would probably have some decent Mexican food and we were not disappointed! After some steak fajitas and coconut shrimp we walked all around old town including an old cemetary that the kids thought was really creepy. Apparently we are quite conspicuous in our matching AR shirts because we got a lot of questions today. It’s been fun listening to the kids explain to people what we are doing.

After dinner we swam in the pool at the hotel and now sitting here in the dark hotel room, the kids are softly snoring and I am falling asleep… Yawn… Can’t wait to see how tomorrow goes!

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  1. Dudette

    I am loving all the adventures you are taking on this trip!! How long did it take you to plan it all out & get everyone else involved?

  2. Genae

    This is SO fun! Thank you for blogging the whole way through. How long is the Family Race going on? Can't wait to see where else you will go.

  3. Vtay

    Today was fun! I loved Wicked – I bet the kids did too! The lady with the pink bow….was that you? She looked like your evil (or good) twin!

    I am having so much fun and can't wait for tomorrow!


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