Online Cookie Decorating Classes

Arty McGoo is your instructor for Delicious Education

Since 2014, Arty McGoo has been the industry leader for Online Cookie Decorating Classes.  Arty McGoo is a world-renowned cookie decorator, cookie art instructor, and creative guru.  She discovered cookie artistry back in 2010, and has been a creator and innovator in the medium ever since.  

 Today, she dedicates her ninja skill in cookie artistry to teaching and enabling other cookie artists through her McGoo U online cookie decorating classes.

First Time on Campus?

Take a look around to discover all the “Delicious Education” McGoo U has to offer. Members enjoy 6 brand-new videos every month!  The monthly video segments listed below include lessons with Arty and guests, tips, tricks, techniques and sweet fun.


McGoo U:

A monthly class with Arty McGoo! She teaches a new set of cookies using a variety of useful techniques and her own designs that you will learn step-by-step in our favorite classroom: the kitchen.​


Expert Lab:

Arty’s special guests are true experts in the field of cookie decorating. These brilliant visiting professors teach a design they are known for, in detail. Past guests have included: Sugarbelle, LilaLoa, The Cookie Artisan, Cookie Cowgirl & many, many more!


Mix It Up!

Arty chats with a creative master to get the inside scoop, hear about their upcoming projects, and occasionally challenges them to a game of Arty’s choosing.

Arty McGoo Smart Cookie Decorating Class

Smart Cookie:

Whether you are making cookies for home, hobby or business; this segment will show you how to cookie smarter. This short course is packed with tips, tricks, and techniques sure to save you time and money.


Extra Frosting:

That extra frosting from class gets put to use. Watch as a cookie is decorated in time-lapse from start to finish with an off-the-cuff design straight from Arty McGoo.


After School:

At the end of the day… it’s a cookie, and we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. In this segment, Arty and her friends have fun in skits and parodies that every cookier can relate to. Anything goes after school!

When you enroll, you get 5 new videos each month, expert guests, tips & tricks and loads of fun!

Our Community

Miz McGoo isn’t just about creating beautiful cookies, Arty also loves bringing together diverse people who share the same passion for cookie decorating.  Connect with our community to ask questions, share your cookie pictures, join groups, make new friends and so much more!

Go waste some time on Arty’s socials!

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Look at the amazing results some of Arty’s students have achieved

Other questions before you become a member?

Email us at contact@artymcgoo.com


The McGoo U Student Body is a vibrant, supportive and creative bunch. Our members come from the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, and other points across the globe!  When you enroll at McGoo U, you are welcomed into this community for support, collaboration and creativity.  You can even join a study group in your area, or create one of your own!

Cookie 101 Videos

Are you Cookie-ing for the first time?

This FREE, 3-part “Cookie 101” series is a great introduction to the basics that will help you become a successful cookier.

This delicious trilogy covers foundational recipes, the tools all cookiers need, and the techniques to get you started.

Cookie Decorating Recipes

Start from the cookie up!  A strong foundation needs to keep it’s shape and taste great.
Here are some of Arty’s favorite recipes that rock the kitchen (and taste-buds).

Royal Icing

Arty McGoo’s slight adaptation of Antonia.

No Fail Sugar Cookie

A great starting point for your cookie journey

Orange-Cinnamon Clove Cookie

aka: Christmas in your mouth!

Lemon Sugar Cookie

Add some zest to your life!

McGoo U Radio

Like any college radio station, McGoo U Radio informs, entertains and inspires school spirit.  Join Arty McGoo and Mr. John twice each month for a new edition of McGoo U Radio.  They share entertaining cookie news, keep the community up-to-date on McGoo U happenings, and interview some wild and entertaining cookiers along the way.   Stay tuned for the most entertaining cookie podcast on the interwebs!

Season 1, Episode 16:

Holiday Fun, Oreo Drink Mix, Would you eat it, Kellogg Selloff and more

Season 1, Episode 15:

Duke Football Cookies, Eddie's Bakery Helps CA, SugarBot on TV and more

Arty's In-person Classes

What’s Better than a day spent with fun people during one of our cookie decorating classes?

How about decorating cookies with no set up, no clean up, making new friends and learning from Arty McGoo, LIVE and in-person!

Class locations and times will vary. Keep checking back because classes sell out quickly!

We always love decorating cookies with new friends!

Join McGoo U for the BEST cookie decorating tutorials & creative community for enthusiasts and cookie entrepreneurs alike!

Don't miss any cookie inspiration!

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We're looking forward to meeting you.

Together we'll continue to make it the best online cookie decorating classes and community ever!