Arty McGoo’s Orange-Cinnamon Clove Cookie Recipe

This little gang graced our Thanksgiving table this year at each place setting.  (Fun fact: Did you know gang is an actual term used to describe a group of turkeys?  They are also known as a rafter, muster, or a flock if they’re wild… these turkeys were very well behaved as they sat and watched us eat our feast, so we’ll stick with gang.)

I had some fun with the flavors and came up with Orange-Cinnamon Clove to celebrate the festive occasion and I must say: it is like inviting the holidays into your mouth!  If you’ve ever made clove studded oranges for Christmas as a kid like I did, the smell and taste of a batch of these will take you to Christmases past.  No ghosts or Scrooge required!  

I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as I do!  

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  1. Suzanne

    Sounds good but can you use orange juice and ground cinnamon? It can get a little pricey to be ordering emulsions and extracts. Thanks!

    1. Arty McGoo

      Hmmm, interesting! Maybe try orange juice concentrate so the strength of flavor would be closer to an extract. And I would do 2 tsp of the concentrate and add the extra ground cinnamon. It should probably work! I’d love to hear your results.

  2. Lori-Jean

    Hey Ms. McGoo! Thank you for this flavor bursting holiday cookie recipe. I was wondering if these are for a cookie cutter cookies? Reason being is I have not used more than 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and I had to refrigerate them before baking. Yours don’t require to be chilled. Thanks for sharing this mouth full of awesomeness. ☺

    1. Arty McGoo

      Well hello there Lori-Jean! Yes, the base of this recipe is what I use for almost all my cut out recipes and I’ve never had a problem with shape-shifting 😀 You can definitely reduce the amount of baking powder to what you’re used to and what works for you.

  3. Jen

    Do you ever teach in St. Louis Missouri? Or do you have online classes or demos.

    I love your style.



  4. Debora

    Would Orange Zest work for Suzanne? Juice concentrate is all sugar-y. I have a great citrus sugar cookie recipe that just uses the zest of both lemons and oranges or clementines- so lovely.

  5. Stacey

    I was wondering if you could share how you flavored your icing to pair with this cookie recipe. It sounds delicious!!

  6. Where do you get the cinnamon roll and orange emulsions? I’ve found them at Walmart, but wondered if you have a supplier.

    Thank you.

    1. Arty McGoo

      I usually get them on amazon or when I’m traveling and am able to come across a well supplied cake/baking store. The orange and cinnamon roll emulsions aren’t as easy to find as some of the flavors unfortunately.

    1. Arty McGoo

      Both of those options are lovely and sometimes I’ll do 1 tsp orange + 1 tsp vanilla or almond.

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