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April 2024

This month we’ll follow Alice down the rabbit hole as we create a bold and beautiful wonderland of edible delights! Fair warning: this set is not minimalist or for the faint of heart.

March 2024

It’s time for a field trip and we are hitting the road in style! This 3-d cookie tutorial is an adventure as we decorate and build this adorable floral dream on wheels that is so versatile. Where will it take you?

February 2024

This month we’re sending a message… actually 6 messages. They can be sweet and fun, a little sassy, or downright sexy depending on who the lucky recipient is of this fantastically fun and interactive Valentine.

January 2024

Happy New Year! I have a goal for you this year: Shake your tail feathers! Dance when you get the chance, use those fancy dishes, don’t wait to celebrate, and most importantly be proud of yourself and your successes more than you criticize yourself. To kick off 2024, the year of shaking your tail feathers we are creating a dapper 3-d peacock full of color, textures, and a little shimmer.

December 2023

Arty’s manger cutter now has friends! These beautiful minimalist nativity shapes invite us to decorate the first Christmas night scene with textures and nuance rather than elaborate details.

November 2023

We capture all the cozy feels of an autumnal harvest with an earthy calico corn, a sweet-faced scarecrow, and a gourd-genus arrangement I wouldn’t mind seeing on my Thanksgiving table!

October 2023

It’s the beginning of spooky season and we are capturing the magic of a Halloween scene in a pumpkin diorama and look! Someone has left all the lights on just for you to get a treat… or maybe a trick! We’ll also craft charmingly retro rosettes topped with a vintage cat. So many fun textures and techniques as we make these enchanting treats!


September 2023

Denim is a shapeshifting fabric! Depending on the wash or the accessories it can be punk rock, wild west, hippy, or even “flower loving plant mom”. Paired with floral patches and pins these jeans are taking a walk on the cute side.

August 2023

This month is a cookie playdate with no rules, no expectations, and only one focus. We’ll be experimenting with the gorgeous and sometimes unexpected results from painting with alcohol. From abstract to floral, this watercolor look yields a wide variety of styles in whatever color palette you choose without any icing mixing!

July 2023

Ready for a vacation? This color palette and vibrant lemon theme will immediately whisk you away to a coastal Mediterranean paradise as we explore new zesty ways to decorate!


June 2023

The artfully arranged layers of an Acai bowl, with its berries, slices of banana, and cubes of dragonfruit, dusted with a smattering of shredded coconut, and nestled on a smooth and creamy purple bed is almost too beautiful to eat! Each fruit is brighter and bolder than the next and yet there is a balance in the flavors and the design. Arranging the fruit is half the fun so this “build your own bowl” would make a great gift for someone who likes to play with their food or a beautiful and unique party platter to share. There are no guarantees about how many vitamins are in these cookies, but they are sure to brighten anyone’s day!


May 2023

They say “the dog is man’s best friend” so we are paying homage to our furry friends by creating pet portraits. Arty teaches her formula for capturing the essence and features that are distinct to each breed with the hopes that you can design your own furry masterpieces based on your favorite subject. 


April 2023

To bee or not to bee? We are welcoming spring and appreciating the precious pollinators we take for granted with three BEE-utiful designs full of artistic and fun techniques that will have you buzzing.


March 2023

We channel the earthy beauty of a peaceful, rainy nature walk with charming fungi and an irresistibly sweet feathered friend. Created in a muted and serene color palette this set is sure to evoke a calm wonder of nature’s treasures.


February 2023

We are diving into the deep end of a pool full of botanicals and I am head over heels in love with the results. I’ve put together some new and exciting ways to create edible florals. This is a month to play, experiment, and fall in love with florals.


January 2023

Seeking new and exciting vistas in 2023 and we’re starting off with a new frontier for Arty: SKIING! Minimalist with a little retro, cozy vibe let’s jump off the edge into something new.


December 2022

We’re decking the halls with loads of candy on these adorable oversized treats! It’s all the fun of decorating a gingerbread house without any of the architectural stress.


November 2022

You’re making a scene! but in a good way: We’re capturing a bit of cozy magic in this enchanting autumnal scene. The complementary colors of blue and orange play together beautifully and while it is a larger scale cookie, this 3-d set comes together surprisingly fast!


October 2022

If you’re anything like me you want to eat all the pumpkin spice things and wear all the costumes. Halloween themed paper doll set, but make it a boy: challenge accepted!


Arty’s Halloween Party

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I just can’t get en0ugh of the creepy crawly creativity that comes with with it. 

September 2022

We get the ball rolling with this adorable bowling themed cookie set. From the fun retro sign to the action shot, these cookies have personality to spare!


August 2022

This month we pay homage to the gorgeous, extremely low maintenance, and endlessly versatile succulent as we showcase our piped plants as works of art. The juxtaposition is sure to delight your senses and hopefully inspire you to take a moment for yourself.

July 2022

When life gives you lemons: wear a lemonade swimsuit, heart sunglasses, and a chunky woven tote and hit the beach! With this set of summer essentials you’re made in the shade.

June 2022

It’s o-fish-ally June and we are mid-stream in the year. What a great oppor-tuna-ty to shell-abrate the great outdoors and if your dad is a fish enthusiast, these cookies are perfectly “angled” for Father’s Day this month!

May 2022

Do you speak floriology? In the language of flowers everything from an acorn to a zinnia holds a secret meaning. Today we’re sending special messages of good thoughts and friendship with our trio of cookies showcasing the pansy and iris. A flower is more than just a pretty face, they have something to say!

April 2022

We’re loading our cookies with scent-sational signs of the season. From a beautiful bouquet, to a bunny with impressive paws, and a wheelbarrow overflowing with a riot of roses we’ll hop right in and create this set for somebunny special.


March 2022

March is about to get magically delicious with a rainbow of beautiful crystals. These cookies rock! but the shiny crystals have a unique and surprisingly soft bite. What is this magic?!

February 2022

Roses and chocolates! We are taking the timeless traditions of Valentine’s Day and combining them into the best way to someone’s heart: cookies

January 2022

Happy New Year! 2022 is going to be a FANTASTICAL year so we are taking a field trip to the fantastical with these mermaid inspired cookies. From a crown fit for a princess to a fork to brush your hair with, these enchanting cookies are full of textures and techniques sure to start your year of cookie making off in a fin-tastic way!

December 2021

If December was a flavor would it be orange and cranberries with a touch of clove and rosemary? Or maybe peppermint or gingerbread fresh from the oven. Tis the season for cookies, treasuring memories, and making new ones!

November 2021

Celebrate the flavors of the season! From traditional green bean casserole, to a bowl of buttery mashed potatoes, and of course the star of the feast: a turkey, complete with stuffing inside. I’m thankful to decorate with you!

October 2021

You won’t find an eye of newt or wool of bat, but toe of frog we got! This festive and friendly trio are sure to enchant any visitors looking for a treat.

September 2021

Whether you camp or glamp these cookies are sure to inspire a love for the great outdoors. With delicious birch accents, customizable happy campers, and the magic of fireflies your friends are sure to want s’more!

August 2021

It’s blackberry season and I can’t get enough of them on cupcakes, ice cream… in my McGoo U lesson. With their beautiful black drupelets these juicy snacks are the star of all three cookies, and the results are berry delicious!

July 2021

The beauty of decorated cookies is that we get to literally consume art! This month at McGoo U is a lesson in art appreciation… and appreciating how good it can taste!

June 2021

Just like cookie decorating, sushi is a beautiful edible art that balances flavors, textures, and colors and requires skill and artistry to create. This month we combine these two disciplines together to make realistic and fun sushi cookies that are a feast for the senses because that’s how we roll!

May 2021

Look sharp! This month at McGoo U is all about the amazing textures you can create with palette knives. Throw out the bags and tips and don’t waste time planning colors or consistencies. Just follow along and you’ll be creating your palette knife masterpiece in no time!

April 2021

Spring is in the air and so is the smell of chocolate! There is a lot to love about classic Easter basket treats: colorful Peeps, a polka dotted egg that’s dressed for the occasion, and an adorable almost unwrapped chocolate bunny. Make them for somebunny special!

March 2021

This month we enter an ethereal world of forest dwelling fairies. Loaded with textures, techniques and magical tricks, this lesson is sure to enchant you!

February 2021

This month’s lesson is sure to get ranunculus! Arty literally spells it out for you on a fun Valentine’s Day cookie bunting featuring heartbreakingly beautiful florals that can easily be customizable for your funny valentine.

January 2021

A new year means new beginnings and decorating these stunning sparkling butterflies is the perfect way to emerge better than ever from our cocoons. Let’s shine in 2021!