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Here at McGoo U we pride ourselves in bringing you the best in cookie education. From flooding and piping to airbrushing and painting, our goal is to demonstrate and teach as many techniques as possible and to develop new skills that you can adapt and use in endless ways.

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April 2021

Spring is in the air and so is the smell of chocolate! There is a lot to love about classic Easter basket treats: colorful Peeps, a polka dotted egg that’s dressed for the occasion, and an adorable almost unwrapped chocolate bunny. Make them for somebunny special!

March 2021

This month we enter an ethereal world of forest dwelling fairies. Loaded with textures, techniques and magical tricks, this lesson is sure to enchant you!

February 2021

This month’s lesson is sure to get ranunculus! Arty literally spells it out for you on a fun Valentine’s Day cookie bunting featuring heartbreakingly beautiful florals that can easily be customizable for your funny valentine.

January 2021

A new year means new beginnings and decorating these stunning sparkling butterflies is the perfect way to emerge better than ever from our cocoons. Let’s shine in 2021!

This cozy yet fresh set of cookies was inspired by Arty’s Coastal California Christmases. The eucalyptus and pine are a breath of fresh air and pair beautifully with the neutral palette, creating a clean and soothing visual.

‘Tis the season for the happiest produce on the planet: sunflowers and pumpkins! The cookies this month create a charming customizable scene that would make a perfect gift for the Thanksgiving host or hostess.

October 2020

It’s tricks and treats this month at McGoo U with vintage inspired cookies loaded with so many techniques, its’ scary! BOO!

September 2020

Tis the season for homegrown tomatoes! And what better way to enjoy them than with crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and toasty bread? If you’re not a BLT enthusiast there is also a deliciously cute cucumber slice and every kid’s favorite: broccoli. We hope you enjoy this month’s bounty of cookies inspired by a summer garden.

August 2020

Ahoy me hearties! Get ready to set sail on the high seas in search of adventure and treasure. Whether ye make these for “Talk Like a Pirate Day” on the 19th or for that special birthday, landlubbers and seadogs alike will be sure to love these swashbuckling bites!

I love to create and capture amazing summertime memories. Let’s celebrate the season by making new sweet summer memories wherever we are. Pictures or it didn’t happen!

This month we’re making beautiful spring florals that would be perfect for new brides, new babies, or a not so new friend’s birthday with a fun way to customize your cookie trio for the lucky recipient.

This month we’re making a trio of birdhouses in a soft and pleasing palette that would be good for all kinds of occasions!

April 2020

Thank goodness for the interwebs! As we are feeling isolated and uncertain I am so grateful for the ability to continue to learn and socialize virtually. I hope you have the ingredients and tools on hand to be able to create this month’s lesson but also have been so impressed with the improvisation I saw in the March homework! The April McGoo U is full of frills, flowers, and some feathered friends who are nesting in place making the designs perfect for this gorgeous spring season, Mother’s Day, or a bridal set. Stay healthy and happy friends!

March 2020

Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hopping down the bunny trail!
That’s right, it’s all about the bunny this month at McGoo U! We’ll cookie his adorable hat and then grab your tool belts ’cause we’re gonna do some pretty fancy 3-D egg construction.

Arty’s Easter Cookie Decorating Party

Welcome to another amazing themed Cookie Party! Easter is coming, let’s hop to it and make the best bunnies on the block!

February 2020

It’s February, so naturally we’re making St. Patrick’s Day cookies! When I asked what you’d like to see at McGoo U, of you said you’d like to see holiday sets a month early. And as Westley would say….”as you wish”! So this month we’re using a soft pastel palette to make this March-inspired set. Are you feeling lucky?

January 2020

It’s the season of giving so we want to help you provide others with the things they REALLY need: food, shelter, and transportation. Hope your season is full of warmth, love and cookies!

December 2019

It’s the season of giving so we want to help you provide others with the things they REALLY need: food, shelter, and transportation. Hope your season is full of warmth, love and cookies!

Arty’s Holiday Cookie Party 2019

Time to create some Yuletide sweets that ring in the holidays with style!

Holiday Cookie Party 2019

November 2019

Fall is my favorite time of the year, so for this month’s McGoo U lesson I thought we’d cuddle up with a warm palette and get back to nature a little bit.

October 2019

Halloween is my favorite holiday to cookie for, and I can’t wait to show you how to make this BOO-tiful set. So grab your costume, stamps, and piping bags, and let’s boo this!

October – Arty’s Halloween Party

Time to create some haunting Halloween sweets that are spooky, ooky and all together COOKIE!

September 2019

McGoo U is celebrating September in the Southwest!  We’re fixin’ to make a belt buckle, a cow skull and a desert cactus. So rustle up some royal and some “lazy glazey” and join me as we pipe, scrape, and paint our way through this set.

August 2019

Just in time to go back to school, Arty decorates cookies that look just like the patches that you can earn at McGoo U!

July 2019

I have a sinking feeling you’re going to love this month’s sparkly lesson!

June 2019

This month, we’re focusing on Pantone’s color of the year: Living Coral! creating 3 different cookies: an Ikat design with a monogram, a wet on wet floral, and an architectural tile

May 2019

It’s a “May Menagerie”! These cookies are a lesson in textures…from feathers to fur to wrinkly elephant skin, we’re covering it all!

April 2019 

This cute and colorful set includes easier-than-it-looks embroidery, a Folklorico dancer and a hand-painted serape.

March 2019

This month’s McGoo U lesson is a study in feathers and florals. We’ll use wafer paper, royal, and edible lace to flood, frill and fringe our way to these Boho inspired beauties.

February 2019

This month at McGoo U we’re giving you all of the romantical feels with this Valentine’s set. It includes soft eyelet lace, a “home is where your heart is” map, and what I like to call a “jar of junk”.

January 2019

Dude! We’re flashing back to the 80’s with a cassette tape cookie, Dymo embossed letters, and a totally rad neon splattered star. The only thing that’s missing from this set is a Pee-Chee covered with doodles!

December 2018

Lights…candle…action! It’s December at McGoo U and we’re ready to make your days merry and bright! So grab your piping bags, paintbrush, and palette and let’s make this holiday lit!

November 2018

Taking a cue from autumn and home decor trends we create beautiful floral vignettes in a muted color palette. A coffee filter wreath, roses and a cotton stem take center stage.

October 2018

This month “Wednesday Addams” teaches us how make three creepy creations. We’ll create a spooky wrought iron gate (there’s nothing scarier than micropiping!), a haunted house on a hill, and a gaping fanged monster mouth; talk about sharpening your skills!

September 2018

I love the combination of turquoise and coral in Native American jewelry and art. The natural stones are meant to represent the sky and the earth, which I think is lovely. So this month at McGoo U we’ll make our own edible jewelry with these mosaic, embedded, and wire-wrapped versions.

August 2018

Did you know that Mr. John’s birthday is this month? Well, it is; and to celebrate, we’re making our very first Birthday set on McGoo U! While we’re at it, we’ll celebrate the amazing versatility of cookie cutters! Most of you own a cupcake cutter, and this month we’ll put that one simple cutter to excellent use making three simple yet adorable designs that can be used in any color palette. Functionality at its finest!

July 2018

Ah, the simple joys of summer. There’s nothing like a tall glass of lemonade on a warm summer day…unless it’s accompanied by a tall glass of lemonade cookie! We’re keeping it cool this month with a fresh, bright color palette and beautiful, simple citrus and floral designs.

June 2018

You may be wondering, “Arty, water you teaching us this month?” As you can sea, this month’s lesson is all about the beach! This set was inspired by my recent trip to a local tide pool. Have you ever tide to make an anemone or edible sea glass? Well, this month you will! We’re gonna paint, pipe, pour, and crack our way to all of this textured goodness. I’m urchin you to try it!

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