McGoo U: April 2021

Spring is in the air and so is the smell of chocolate! There is a lot to love about classic Easter basket treats: colorful Peeps, a polka dotted egg that’s dressed for the occasion, and an adorable almost unwrapped chocolate bunny. Make them for somebunny special!

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Mixing It Up: April 2021
Georganne of LilaLoa gives us a tour of her new kitchen showing the details she included to make it perfect for cookie-making. Arty & Georganne chat about the upcoming CookieCon and how 2021 is the year we should “eat all the strawberries!”

Expert Lab: April 2021
We all know: red & blue make… brown? Georganne of LilaLoa shows us how and why the color wheel has led us astray when it comes to mixing our icing colors and how to fix it!

Smart Cookie: April 2021

It’s easy to get stuck doing the same old thing. It’s fun (and smart!) to add a little flavor to your usual routine. Arty tries out Perfect Palate’s powdered flavors. Delish!

Extra Frosting: April 2021
There is always some frosting left over after a cookie project. Don’t let it go to waste!

All extra frosting segments are created in the moment, using the extra frosting leftover from the McGoo U class.