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May 2018

It’s May, which I thought would be a perfect time for a set of “Mayke Up” cookies! Get it? I love to look at cosmetic ads in magazines. I think all of those smeared and smashed up colors are beautiful. Doing all of that damage to real makeup is just wasteful, but using royal icing instead is pretty AND delicious. So get out your piping bag and paintbrush, ’cause you’re gonna crush this set!

April 2018

Spring is springing and the cookies this month celebrate the beauty of the season. This is a great set to strengthen your artistic skills without laying an egg.

March 2018

Do you feel lucky? Well, you should, because this month at McGoo U we’re making a St. Patrick’s Day set for the very first time. I’m not sure why I didn’t make these sooner…after all, I love green, rainbows, clovers, Irish step dancing, leprechauns, and GOLD! And you won’t need the luck o’the Irish to make them; just break out your airbrush, paint palette and, of course, a pot of gold…sprinkles.

February 2018

This month we’re making a Valentine’s set that is great for anyone, but is especially for those terrors in tennis shoes…the Twitterpated ‘Tweens! So break out your star tips & your stud molds ’cause you’re gonna rock these!

January 2018

This month we set several magical cookie scenes for some fun-loving penguins to enjoy the wonder of winter.

December 2017

This Christmas we’re juxtaposing rusticity with elegance.  A cozy moose covered in a chunky buffalo plaid features a delicate snowflake on his back.  Next, we create a realistic rough-edged wood slice and “wood burn” a majestic pine on it.  Our third cookie features a rustic bouquet of some of winter’s treasures.

November 2017

This month we celebrate the beautiful colors and bountiful harvest of Autumn! Gently falling leaves, colorful Indian corn, and an unexpected cornucopia get translated to cookie in November McGoo U.

October 2017

This month at McGoo U we create an eerie haunted house by the light of a luminous full moon.  The textures, layers, and details will enchant any little ghost or goblin who will see it! Also joining the bewitching scene is a curious, sparkly bat.

September 2017

Gears and rust and steam, oh my!  This month we explore the wonders of steampunk and add a dash of feminine flair with lace, florals, and feathers.  Whether you are a fan of steampunk or not, you will be a fan of these fun and fabulous techniques and designs.

August 2017

Summer School continues as we explore different techniques with textures!

July 2017

Everything you ever wanted to know about painting on cookies. All in one spot. This covers paintbrushes, palettes, and lots of techniques for painting on royal icing.

June 2017

This month, Arty introduces her exciting Customizable Dress Cutter Set by showing you 3 different styles you can create using her 6 cutter set. With 3 bodices and 3 skirts that are interchangeable the options and combinations are endless! You can create wedding, prom, formal, princess, quinceanera, or bridesmaid dresses. The pieces are designed to give the most flexibility to further customize by trimming the skirt lengths, the sleeves, or the necklines.

May 2017

Ahoy there matey! Things get a little salty this month at McGoo U as we create a trio of nautical delights using lots of different techniques. Wet-on-wet, painting, dimensional flood, brush embroidery: it’s a real treasure trove of discovery on the high seas.

April 2017

Of quartz you rock!  My sediments exactly.  Any of the cookie designs this month from McGoo U would tell your mom she’s a real gem, but could also work wonderfully for any number of events like birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding, they are solid as a rock.

March 2017

Signs of spring are starting to show up, and here at McGoo U we are challenging ourselves to make a set of cookies that celebrate the changing season using one cookie cutter.  The shape is the same one we used back in December for our “Joy” cookie and now we’re bringing it to a new season with butterflies, flowers, and bees.

February 2017

The key to the heart is cookies.  CooKEYS?  Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and relationships (or the lack of) and there are so many ways to do that through cookies.  Valentine cookies can be punny and funny, snarky and sarcastic, admiring or studious, and lets not forget romantic and flirty!  This month at McGoo U we are creating a romantic and antiqued esthetic in a simply gorgeous teal and gold palette.  You hold the cooKEY to my heart!

January 2017

It’s a brand new year full of discoveries and this month at McGoo U we are discovering faces and specifically eyes.  There are lots of ways to create facial features: with dimensional piping, painting, wet on wet, and we will experiment with all of those this month, creating very different looks from cartoon to realistic.  We will also decorate 3 different scales, small, medium, and extreme close up… and speaking of scales, I decided to give the small face a mermaid body just because!

December 2016

Celebrate all the things! Tis the season that brings joy to so many people. This month we’ll decorate 3 symbols of the season from a rustic baby Jesus in a manger, to a clean and simple joy design, and a dreidel that is showing the Hebrew letter gimel (the best side to land on because you win everything). It’s also the season for cookies and these would be perfect additions to your holiday sets. Although it’s been said, many times, many ways: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice, whatever you celebrate I wish you a wonderful one full of joy and love and a Happy New Year!

November 2016

Let’s talk turkey. This month at McGoo U we create an adorable 3 dimensional turkey in a rich, autumn color palette. He is designed to sit up all by himself at the big kid table!

October 2016

This month we explore Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead at McGoo U! We bake up some ofrendas that would please any visiting soul: a sugar skull, papel picado, and bright chrysanthemums.

September 2016

This month at McGoo U we explore cookies that bring out our inner child with Arty’s 3 kids as guinea pigs… er guests! The designs are easily customizable for party themes and color schemes and use lots of fun techniques to bring out the Jr. Picasso in your kids. Create a coloring book style cookie, a paint with water design, and a fun new technique using mini misters that will spark all kinds of ideas and thrill cookiers of any age!

August 2016

From a teeny, tiny bud to layers of lush petals on a fully bloomed rose we experiment with scale in this month’s McGoo U. Nothing goes better with flowers than more flowers. These coordinating florals would be gorgeous in all kinds of hues and would fit a myriad of occasions.

July 2016

ALOHA! This month we use a bright tropical color palette with this fun summery Hawaiian themed set. We’ll spell out aloha in flirty florals, rustic bamboo and a beautiful and realistic plumeria. And we take the set from fun to TIKI-riffic! Lots of techniques and cookies in this month: wet on wet, piping, wood texture, dimensional piping, and painting.

June 2016

A common thread weaves the three cookies together in this month’s McGoo U. We will create a simple yet stunning dream catcher, a sweet floral embroidery hoop design, and a string and nail art cookie that is so fun! Some of the techniques we will use are piping, an easy rose, and achieving a suede and wood plank background.

May 2016

In class this month at McGoo U we will be focusing on our typing and letter writing skills. We spell it out with a rusty marquee light, in a wordy letter mailed in a vintage envelope, and we hone our typing skills as we type a message on a typewriter. tap tap tap… ding! There are so many fun ways you could incorporate these cookies into different themes and events.

April 2016

We’re focusing on some fun natural textures and themes this month in McGoo U.  Arty takes you step-by-step in creating her succulent terrarium, then shows how she creates her realistic butterfly on a mossy rock.  The final cookie explores a gorgeous crackle texture that is the perfect background for any design

March 2016

Pinkies up! This month we create a beautiful rose painted tea set with delicate details. Learn how to take scribble roses from teeny tiny to big and bold as we decorate our sugar bowl, creamer, tea cup, and teapot with a sweet rose print and it is all done using 2 cookie cutters.

February 2016

It’s time to revisit one of my favorite themes: circus! We explore a wide variety of techniques this month to get our vintage circus designs. And since it’s also almost time for the punniest holiday of all, these are a great jumpstart to a circus inspired Valentine’s Day set.

January 2016

I hope you’re excited to paint because we’re starting off this year with a big project: paper doll cookies! We are really going to focus on the process and techniques of painting with food coloring on royal icing as we create this charming and adorable set. You can do it!

December 2015

May your days be merry and bright and your Christmas cookies sparkly! This month we add some fun shimmer to a simple winter wonderland design and then delve into the dimension and details of a charming Santa face.

November 2015

November is the month to celebrate autumn, friends and family, and giving thanks for what you have. What better way to say thank you than with cookies? Decorate along with me using an autumn color palette and be grateful for your mad ninja cookie skills!

October 2015

This month in McGoo U we are exploring the spookier side of decorating and some fun and easy ways to antique and age your cookie designs, a simple element with big impact, some fun with textures, and a re-visit of The Cookie Architect’s eyeball tutorial with a macabre twist.

September 2015

Antlers, watercolor florals, brush lettering, metallic and glitter… oh my! It’s always fun to look at fashion and decorating and dress up our cookie in the latest trends.  I took some of the themes I’ve seen lately and translated them into these super wearable designs for cookies.  In September’s McGoo U I will take you through all the techniques I used from piping, painting, a fun new way to create flowers and a brand new secret recipe for McGoo Glitter Gold that will knock your socks off!  I also found a brilliant new toy that you are going to love.  I officially have one for every color and I’m constantly practicing and finding new uses for them.

August 2015

It’s Back to School time and we are getting ready with some fun designs that can be used for every age and can be modified for just about any occasion.  Decorate them in your school colors, give them out to teachers, kids going away to school, or for a high school reunion!  Explore some fun new techniques at school: McGoo U.

July 2015

Our palette for July is mostly red, white, and blue with some fun textures.  There are a lot of techniques this month including wet-on-wet, stippling, royal icing transfers, a glass effect, and some unexpected piping techniques.  My awesomely talented friends who came to decorate the summer day away with me are Christina Ramsey, Andrea Garner of Bella Cakes, and Sally Fraise of Sweetiedoodle.

June 2015

Happy Father’s Day from McGoo U to you! This month we celebrate the dads in our lives by creating cookies they are sure to love:  A shiny trophy, a sweet greeting customized with the year they became a dad, and an impressive geometric tie design made easy with a few tips.  All of these cookies are perfect for dads, husbands, grandpas, and as always the techniques learned can be used in endless cookie themes and designs.

May 2015

Happy Mother’s Day from McGoo U to you! We have fun with some floral techniques perfect for the inspiring ladies in your life.  We create an elegant lavender sprig and a floral masterpiece along with a special cookie for the “fur baby” moms you adore, including Christina Ramsey, Andrea Garner (Bella Cakes), and Sally Fraise (Sweetiedoodle). Techniques include piping, dimensional piping, painting, and brush embroidery to make lavender sprig, brush embroidery painting, and dimensional dog cookies.

April 2015

It’s wedding season and this month we will focus on designs using a super trendy palette: blush, white and metallics. The three designs are great for wedding or bridal cookies and are varying degrees of difficulty so they are great for events large or small. Techniques used are lace piping, royal icing transfers, spray metallics, and a fun and easy use of dragees and sprinkles for a lot of impact.

March 2015

Hop on over to McGoo U to learn how to make an adorable, hinged Easter Bunny and Easter basket overflowing with flowers. This set combines many techniques like RI transfers, stippling, dimension flooding, basket weave piping, and more!

February 2015

Join Arty McGoo and her friends Louise Kressly and Delorse Sword for the February McGoo U class. Decorate along with them as they create a set of beautiful winter cookies. Some of the techniques covered are piping, royal icing transfers, painting, scribble roses, a new wooden plank technique, and more!

January 2015

Join Arty McGoo and her friends Laura Ewing of Cadillac Cookies, Leigh McClellan of Pastry Case, and Bobbi of Bobbi’s Cookies and Cutters for the January McGoo U class. Decorate along with them as they create a set of Valentine cookies that are the perfect way to show how much you care. Some of the techniques covered are piping, royal icing transfers, brush embroidery, painting, and more!

December 2014

Join Arty McGoo and her friends Angela of Icings By Ang, Cami of Cami Cake Co., Bobbi of Bobbi’s Cookies and Cutters for the December McGoo U class. Decorate along with them as they create a set of cookies, perfect for a white Christmas. Some of the techniques covered are piping, royal icing transfers, brush embroidery, and more!

November 2014

Join Arty McGoo and her friends Andrea (Bella Cakes), Laura (Cadillac Cookies), & Teresa (Sister Teresa’s Custom Cut Cookies). Decorate along with them as they create a colorful autumn set of cookies, perfect for Thanksgiving. Some of the techniques covered are painting with food coloring, chalkboard cookies, piping, royal icing transfers, and more!

October 2014

Come learn in the McGoo U laboratory as visiting professor Dr. Maryann Rollins (The Cookie Artisan) teaches us her clever moss and bittersweet-covered tombstone cookie design. Some techniques covered in this tutorial are painting, stippling, piping, and wet-on-wet.