Happy Mother’s Day

I love Mother’s Day!  It’s a day I get to sit back, relax and ignore the dishes.  The kids proudly bring me lunch sacks that have been decorated with sponge stamps dipped in paint and closed with a colorful pipe cleaner or egg carton flower and Mr. John tries to predict my every want before I ask for it.  I don’t ask for any of these things and that is the best part.  As I’m typing this I hear Mr. John rallying the troops to work together to make sure the house is vacuumed and sparkly for my big day.  

The other thing I love about this day is that I share it with two amazingly wonderful women.  (I share it with lots of women the world over, but literally I share it with two).  My mom and Mr. John’s mom.  I am so lucky to live close to both my moms and am able to spend time with them on this special day.  
My friend Jacki of Blissfully Sweet asked me several months ago to be a part of a tribute for her mother and dedicated to mothers everywhere.  With contributions from stylists, photographers, cake and cookie artists, it is so amazingly beautiful and inspiring and you can see the whole collaboration here in this e-zine.  
For my contribution I made cookies that are based off of photographs of my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.  I wanted to convey how grateful I am to be a part of this maternal line.

Here is an excerpt of I wrote about the cookies:

 “…I thought of how I am always trying to live my life to make my mother proud and how much I look up to her.  I know she feels the same about her mother and I immediately saw an endless thread that has bound generations of loving, faithful, hard-working women to me.  Such a nurturing, loving legacy to pass down through daughters!  

Each of these hand painted cookies are based on photographs of my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.   They span from when she was a baby in her mother’s arms, to when she became a new mother, and four generations gathered to celebrate.  While this collection is of my own heritage, I hope it inspires you to think of the remarkable women who instilled lessons in your life…”
I am proud to bear the title of mother and proud that I have such amazing examples to pattern my life after.  Happy Mother’s Day!   

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  1. Seasons

    This e-zine is the most amazing collection of bliss, of over the top gorgeousness of creativity, of settings I could not even dream up, they are so incredible! Thank you for sharing the amazing talent, yours included! What a gift!

  2. Susie

    Wow! They are truly works of art. My heart would stop if someone grabbed one with a tall glass of milk! Enjoy your day!

  3. Sue

    Such a sweet post, Liz! Beautiful cookies! I especially love the photo with the tray! I have no doubt that you do make your mom proud:)

  4. Paula

    Happy Mother's Day to you and to your Mom and Mother-in-Law. I'm just speechless over these cookies.

  5. Made me teary eyed!! These are beautiful and mean so much to me as well seeing that we share the same mom. 🙂 Love you Liz!

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