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March Patches Awarded

March was a tough month… and I can tell!  This homework list is like the dog set from last year.  It was a bit more difficult and I’m sure we will see a lot of them in Dec as prep for make up work next January and February. 🙂  

You are all INCREDIBLE and I love seeing your creative and wonderful work every month.  Most of all, I love seeing the support for one another and love for your craft on the McGoo U Student Body page on FB.  You are all amazing, warm people and I appreciate all of you.

If you have questions regarding homework streaks or where you are in the process, please contact Me, Mr. John (, and I will help you.

Remember that every month, the McGoo U community earns real patches that are mailed out for accomplishing different tasks; like completing the monthly set (homework), sharing a pic of that beautiful homework on socials, or donating cookies to a cause. To learn more about the different McGoo U patches and how to earn them, please visit the blog post HERE.

Any questions…. Let me know!

Congratulations to the fabulous McGoo U members (McGoobers) who earned patches in December!

# of homeworks posted and logged: 47for on

Piping Bag PNG
Rolling Pin PNG
whisk PNG
Oven Mitt PNG

Piping Bag Patches: 22

  • Harriet Agen
  • Danita Allen
  • Carolyn Buckner
  • Cindy Chandler
  • Eva Dean
  • Marla Erojo
  • Valerie Lindsley
  • Elizabeth McClean
  • Vicki Moorehead (Awarded)
  • Marilyn O’Neill
  • Theresa Rayner
  • Barbie Reeves-Randolph
  • Mary Ridley
  • Amy Scharff
  • Pamela Schmidt
  • Anne Snyder (x2)
  • Melanie Talkington
  • Cathy Ulich
  • Melissa Vance
  • Candice Vogler
  • Stacey Welch-Andrade

Rolling Pin Patches: 4

  • Kaylee Liauw
  • Cathy Lorenzo
  • Amy Scharff
  • Nancy Schempp

Whisk Patches: 3

  • Nancy Schempp
  • Stacey Welch-Andrade
  • Anne Snyder

Oven Mitt Patches: 0

  • NONE
Mixer PNG
M Patch PNG
Star PNG
Apron PAtch PNG

Mixer Patches: 0

  • NONE

M Letterman Patches: 0


  • NONE


  • NONE

Gold Star Patches: 0

  • NONE

Apron Patches: 5

  • Katie Sorenson
  • Theresa Rayner
  • Kate Sullivan
  • Heidi Szekely
  • Danielle Stone

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