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January Patches Awarded

As we get into February, we hit the middle of our 2 months of Make Up Work.  NOTE that the patches awarded for January do NOT include all of the Make Up work.  We need to account for that after February ends because there are a LOT of patches awarded and some people are still working on different month’s work.  All I can say is, KEEP GOING!  You guys are killing it with the Make Up Work!

REMEMBER: You have another 3 weeks or so to get in your Make Up Work!  If you have holes that are preventing you from getting the big Rolling Pin or Whisk patches, don’t worry… you can fill in any holes AND increase your streaks of homework by completing up to 6 months of past McGoo U homework.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Complete the missing month’s McGoo U lesson
  • Post to your public page and share to all of us in the McGoo U Student Body (on FB).  
  • Include the Hashtags #McGooU #McGooUHomework #MakeUpWork

If you have questions as to what months you might need, please contact Me, Mr. John (, and I will help you.

Remember that every month, the McGoo U community earns real patches that are mailed out for accomplishing different tasks; like completing the monthly set (homework), sharing a pic of that beautiful homework on socials, or donating cookies to a cause. To learn more about the different McGoo U patches and how to earn them, please visit the blog post HERE.

Any questions…. Let me know!

Congratulations to the fabulous McGoo U members (McGoobers) who earned patches in December!

# of homeworks posted and logged: 86

Piping Bag PNG
Rolling Pin PNG
whisk PNG
Oven Mitt PNG

Piping Bag Patches: 22

  • Lee Ann Fox Peterson
  • Dawn Nelson
  • Angela Liem
  • Ilana Levinsky
  • Charlotte Jones
  • Tessy Jackson
  • Sharon Green
  • Jayne George
  • Janis Ezzo
  • Kim Dixon
  • Rae Dare-Smith
  • Danielle Bolerjack
  • Monica Gellman
  • Anne Snyder
  • Theresa Rayner
  • Patti Roemer
  • Nancy Schempp
  • Kate Sullivan
  • Cathy Ulich
  • Marcy Van Winkle
  • Kevolyn White
  • Debbie Zuke

Rolling Pin Patches: 3

  • Lisel Powell
  • Nani Lucardi
  • Daniele Stone

Whisk Patches: 6

  • Lisel Powel (NOV)
  • Lee Ann Fox Peterson
  • Joanne Reilly Malfitano
  • Ilana Levinsky
  • Charlotte Jones
  • Janis Ezzo

Oven Mitt Patches: 5

  • Debbie Zuke (Dec)
  • Jeanette Hamilton
  • Tessy Jackson
  • Charlotte Jones
  • Janis Ezzo
Mixer PNG
M Patch PNG
Star PNG
Apron PAtch PNG

Mixer Patches: 3

  • Sam Gojak (Glenda Gaitz)
  • Laura Olinde (Tracy Swearingen)
  • Jeanette Hamilton (Eva Dean)

M Letterman Patches: 1


  • Jeanette Hamilton (Eva Dean)


  • NONE

Gold Star Patches: 0

  • NONE

Apron Patches: 8

  • Anne Snyder
  • Kaylee Liauw
  • Joanne Cassar
  • Nicki Hurt
  • Zoe Graves
  • Jennifer Gouldsmith
  • Lee Ann Fox Peterson
  • Candice Vogler

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