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The One & Only, Genuine Original, Adams Family Double Transcontinental Extravaganza!

It’s that time of year again… summer vacation!
Last year we had a blast traveling around California on our Amazing Race style vacation.
{Read about that adventure here.}

This year we are once again taking to the highways and byways, but this time we are driving far from home.  We will be driving across two countries!  The first half of July will be going from California to New York, then the rest of our trip will take us across Canada.

We are just about packed, we have our passports ready, and we are excited!  This year we will be taking our mini van rather than our natural gas Honda Civic {because there aren’t enough fueling stations and because we would probably kill each other by the end of July in those close quarters}.  We will also be towing our home away from home: a pop up trailer.  I’m telling you this thing is like magic!  A sink, refrigerator, beds, a shower, etc, all folds into a little trailer like origami.  It is a sight to behold and a whole lot swankier than any camping I’ve ever done!

Tomorrow morning… early… SUPER early {2:00 a.m.} we will begin our trek across the continent.  WHY?!  you ask, ARE YOU LEAVING SOOO EARLY?!  Mr. John, the “Super Trip Planner Extraordinaire”, insists we should get out and across the desert before it gets too hot.  So our adventure begins in about 8 hours…  I guess I should go pack my clothes!

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  1. Oh, the places you'll see! Have a wonderful and safe trip. Hoping we get to read all about it. Last year's trip was so much fun to follow. Beep if you pass by Pittsburgh, PA!

  2. Summer vacation or bust! Can't wait to come along vicariously:)

  3. I hitched a ride on last summer's vacation. Can't wait to tag along this year!

  4. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Let me know if you're hitting Montreal, Quebec, I'll tell you all the hot spots!

  5. That's quite the trip you have planned. Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and extremely enjoyable vacation.

  6. Love the wonderful, colorful pics…canyons, valleys, mountains….state signs—but the 114 degrees gave me a meltdown! Our tons of love & prayers go with you on this big adventure honeybunnies.

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