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Pumpkin Patch Time!

You know what that means!?  Picture overload!  We always have so much fun picking out pumpkins at  La Familia pumpkin patch that I can’t contain myself with the camera.  I love this patch because it’s a simple and beautiful working farm.   It was quite brisk this year and I LOVED it.  We picked out our favorite pumpkins, got lost in the corn maze, pet a donkey, and found what the kids call a manbug (a green ladybug).  Too much fun! 


this picture of Sage cracked me up!

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky.  They’re altogether ooky:  The Adams Family!

These pictures freak me out a little because they make me realize that Bailey is growing up!

Sage’s impression of an adorable jack-o-lantern

Denver was a leeeetle bit excited!

We always enjoy pumpkin patch time with Grandma & Grandpa Adams

Love the girl’s faces, but Denver actually looks scared.

My kids are such HAMS!

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  1. Your children are absolutely adorable. You have such a lovely family. It's wonderful to see kids who actually ENJOY spending time with their family and who's family obviously loves being with them. What a wonderful blessing.

  2. I love seeing the family pics! The REAL ADAMS family, LOL! YOU are beautiful, and I can imagine the fun y'all had! xoxoxo

  3. What a fun outing and so nice that the Grandparents came along for the day. Your family photos are lovely, your children are beautiful as are you and it's nice to see the man behind the hilarious video tutorial on painting cookies (and I'm not talking about the green man(bug) LOL)

  4. Beautiful as always! I think the man bug is a cucumber beetle which is NOT good, unlike a lady bug which is good.

  5. I love the "manbug" how cute, and Bailey looks so much like YOU did at that age, without the curls. Sage is adorable as ever and I love that picture too, she's a huge ham, like her momma. And Den is growing up WAY too fast, handsome little devil..is that what he'll be for Halloween. 🙂 Love you guys. Such awesome family pictures. Happy family!

  6. What an adorable family you have, Liz! You have so much fun together:)

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