Halloween Goodness

I know it’s been a couple of days, but I’m just now getting over my sugar hangover.  I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of how the Adams family does Halloween before it’s Christmas.  That is all!

Never mind!  That is not all:  Also tomorrow I get to randomly pick a winner for the giveaway.  Sooo excited, you’d think I was going to win something 😀
Good luck all!

Now for reals… that is all!

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  1. Paula

    The kids' costumes (and the kids) are adorable. You and your husband are fantastic and the face painting is phenomenal…right down to the painted necklace.
    Painting a Halloween scene on the bat shaped cookie was a great idea. Loved everything about this post.

  2. Mighty Morgan

    Lol…love the kids costumes.
    But I think you and the hubby totally outdid them…Your makeup on you both looks AWESOME!!!
    The second pic of you is FaBuLoUS!!!
    I didn't even realize you also painted on your the necklace until I read the comment above me…..your so talented 🙂

  3. Kerry_Kid Giddy

    I think I'm a totally lame mom – maybe next year I will dress up and enjoy it! Great costumes! I still haven't posted about my girl smurfs! someday! -kg

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