Play With Your Food!

Mama always said, “Don’t PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD.
Sit up straight and don’t be rude.

Don’t slouch, speak up! 

Don’t pee in the pool…”
Come Monday morning we’ll be breakin’ some rules.
             ~Vicki Taylor {aka Sweet Tweets}

It’s Monday morning!  It’s time to break some rules as promised… well, how about breaking one rule?  But I promise it is broken A LOT and in incredibly creative and amazing ways!  Seriously, the sets in this virtual party will change the way you think about cookies.   

The awesomely talented and funny Angela of Oh, Sugar! Events got some cookier friends together to play along with her in a cookie collaboration themed “Play With Your Food”.  Each of us raided our game cabinets and reached into the dustiest corners of our brains for inspiration.

The item I chose to play with were my paper dolls.  As with most of my childhood memories they inevitably involve at least one of my 5 siblings.  This one in particular is all about my sister Becca.  We each got a book of incredibly detailed paper dolls one Christmas.  We pored over each detail, squealed over each vignette and delighted especially in the accessories that were included on each page.  These books had none of that perforated punch-out silliness.  We are talking paper doll purist pages that we carefully snip snip snipped our dolls to freedom.  

the era is a bit early for playing with scissors, but it’s one of my favorites
We debated re-creating the above picture, but thought it best to show a little less skin.
When I look back at this, I realize how incredibly GENIUS my mom Santa really was.  My sister and I would both be in our room quietly snipping away with our scissors for hours and then happily playing… for hours… with paper.  Do not underestimate the ingenuity of Santa!  

So, after cutting each shape out by hand, flooding each with royal icing, and lovingly painting on each little elbow dimple and ruffle detail with food coloring, I knew there was only one person who above all, would truly understand and appreciate  these cookies… and I shipped them off to my old roommate, my laugh till I hurt compadre: my sister Becca.  

I chose to recreate this “Dolly Dingle bakes a cake” page for obvious reasons.  I don’t know if you realize this, but I kind of like to bake and it just so happens my sister does too.  Dolly is shown here baking a cake, but I’m sure there is a good sugar cookie recipe in that book of hers and she’ll discover the joys of decorating cookies soon.  Before we know it she’ll have shelves dedicated to sanding sugars and a serious cookie cutter addiction.  I’ll send her Karen’s Cookies latest discount code and we’ll be besties!

I hope you enjoyed playing with your food with me!  SOOOOO many incredibly, jaw-dropping projects are included in this collaboration.  I hope you’re in the mood for being toyed with, playing some games, and breaking some rules because we are playing with our food like never before!  So try one more outfit on Dolly Dingle… that’s it… bend the tabs over…   and then head out to play with your other friends.

Go here to Oh Sugar’s blog with links to all the projects!  
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  1. Heather @SugarNosh Treats

    These are truly beautiful. I love the detail and sweet story behind them. Paper dolls were one of my favorite things as a girl too (and Colorforms 🙂 What an amazing collaboration. Well done cookie friends, well done 🙂

  2. lizy b

    Miss McGoo, there are no words for how beautiful these are!!! My mom's most favorite things growing up were her paper dolls! I think I may have to make some of these for her….would you mind?

    1. Of course I wouldn't mind! These weren't the first paper doll cookies and shouldn't be the last 😀

  3. I cried again just reading through this and looking at her. She is just so darn cute!!!! I truly cherish our hours of play. This little doll brought so much joy to our little girl hearts…and continues to bring it to our adult hearts. Thank you Dolly Dingle, and thank you Liz for the MOST amazing reminder of our childhood fun! Love you!

  4. O Arty, i could die of cuteness. …this is Avonlea's mom. My babies looked just like that old fashioned dolly. I love your story of sweetness, you just made my day <3

  5. Evon

    Dear Liz…..
    I thought that the circus cookies were my absolute favourite, but these are just mind blowing!!! I am literally speechless and today am going to crawl under my bed and feel sorry for myself for not being worthy to be in your world of cookies LOL
    But seriously, they are just tooooo amazing for words! Just stunning! LOVE 'em!!!!!! <3

  6. sigh… such wonderful cookies, such a sweet story. You are quite something Miss McGoo. Perfectly perfect in every way.

  7. Agos

    Omg, those cookies are so amazingly beautiful! I can't even believe they're cookies. I'm sure my paper dolls weren't that cute, hehe.

  8. They are so incredibly beautiful. You are something special Ms McGoo. Thank you for being such an inspriation!

  9. Paula

    Holy!!! Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off of the floor. Lovely reminiscent post and astoundingly fabulous cookies. One almost forgets that they are looking at cookies and the urge to bend the tabs back is irresistible!

  10. Julia

    I love your cookies, they are so amazing! I hope I could see you decorating and painting them!!!

    Kind regards from Madrid,

  11. WOW! I bet your sister almost died when she opened this box of beauties!!! WOW! I love every detail! You are truly the master of painting on cookies! I am in LOVE!!

  12. Oh Liz these are so incredible! I can't even tell you how much I'm in love with the beautifully painted paper dolls. I bet Becca was in awe! What a fun and beautiful set to receive. You always amaze me!!!

  13. Gitty

    Simply stunning! I love your technique. You handle paint, er food coloring so well. How do you transfer the art to your cookies? Do you draw your design freehand before painting?

  14. Seriously…these are BEYOND amazing! Does anyone really eat these cookies…I'd have them behind glass for the rest of eternity!!! New follower here…absolutely amazed by your work 😉

  15. Michele

    I love these so much I had to come and have a better, closer look. You are truly amazing Liz. A beautiful woman, awesome mother, and sooooo dang talented. I am honored I got to meet you!

    (LOL- I went to post this and put my email in the URL slot by accident. It told me my URL contained illegal characters. Did you know the @ symbol is illegal? Be careful out there for the @ police! hehe)

  16. These cookies are just simply amazing! Your talent is beyond words. I could stare at these cookies for hours. My sister is the artist of our family and through cookies I have been able to find my artistic side but your cookies are the most amazing cookies and art I've ever seen.

  17. Wow! These are THE most amazing cookies I have ever seen. You are truly talented! Thanks for sharing your creations.

  18. WOW… your work is amazing… what an artist… LOVE LOVE your paper doll cookies..and your creations.. I spotted you on "Cake Appreciation Society" Facebook page.. so glad I did, your amazing!! I make cakes too and done the odd cookie here and there.

  19. Anonymous

    I had one of her books when I was a girl, but couldnt remember her name. Now I can buy one for my nieces. Your cookies are amazing, you are so talented

  20. Monica

    Good Golly Miss Dolly … guess you win hands down! I've never seen anything so wonderful in my life. Love Missy Dimples in paper, but you've out done 'herself' here … I'll be contacting the Louvre soon, to see if they hang cookies.

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