It’s the most BOO-tiful time of year!

Sooooo…. about that two times a week thing…  I am all over it starting NOW!

Carrying the name Adam’s family comes with a big responsibility.  We HAVE to love Halloween, right?!  Well thank Uncle Fester, we do!  We put pumpkin into every single thing we possibly can until the last day of November:  pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, pumpkin pasta sauce, pumpkin spice cake, pumpkin syrup for our pumpkin pancakes…  And when we dress up for Halloween, we don’t mess around!

Halloween 2012
Halloween 2011

Our tradition of enjoying autumn always starts with a visit to See Canyon by Avila Beach where there are several quaint apple farms.  We enjoy sampling the different varieties of apples, drink some fresh pressed apple cider, and inevitably end the visit with some flavored honey sticks.  Next on our Autumn Enjoyment To Do list is visiting La Familia Ranch.  It is our favorite pumpkin patch because it is family owned and operated, there’s a 5 acre corn maze, it is gorgeous, but most of all due to the fact that it is always brisk because it’s on the coast.

We went yesterday and even though we left home sweating in our jackets in the 86* heat, we knew just a short 30 minute drive would bring us to Los Osos where we could pretend it really is autumn because it’s 25 degrees cooler and foggy.

My little lovlies working the farm picking garbanzo beans.
First we began our visit with a little tractor ride around the farm.  

Next we circled the wagons and began hunting for our perfect pumpkins.

Then we get lost in the ginormous corn maze for a bit…

and the kids look serious in one shot because I like to see if they can do it.

We always meet up with the grands!  Mr. John’s parents enjoy watching the kids pick out pumpkins and I have a sneaking suspicion that they have a deep and abiding love of Halloween as well.  

Mr. John found a nice pair of butternut squash… squashes… squashi?  Whatever the correct term is, they are going to make a delicious soup!

Denver’s portrayal of “The Son of Man” painting.  He just needs a bowler!

We hope you are enjoying this gorgeous season and spending time with loved ones… and picking out a fabulous Halloween costume.

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  1. This was worth the wait. Your beautiful family warms my heart. And I LOVE the hair. It's my favorite thing to cut Belle's because it makes big BEAUTIFUL boingy curls!

  2. I just loved this! Warmed the cockles of my little heart! So glad to share in your adventure!

  3. Tesei

    Your kids are gorgeous, congratulations! Lovely pics, lovely family, nothing like the Adams family I remember 🙂 Happy Halloween!

  4. Vtay

    Liz, you don't need me to tell you how beautiful your family is. Each and every one. These memories you are creating – that is the beauty in the photos. And you are inspiring others to do the same.


  5. Paula

    A lovely family outing beautifully captured by your camera and your wonderful words. Enjoy the rest of Autumn and have a wonderful Halloween!

  6. Stephane in Alaska

    Looks like so much fun and so much love! 😀

  7. The smiles on your sweet kids faces say it all! What a wonderful pumpkin farm memory and you have a wonderfully beautiful family! You absolutely do create amazing "stuff"!!!! 🙂 HAPPY FALL (my favorite season)!

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