Polaroid Vintage Love… Cookies

 You know that moment when inspiration hits you?  Your eyes widen, the old bulb burns brighter, the chorus of Hallelujah bursts forth (I sing a lot while I’m baking).  That was how this polaroid cookie idea was for me.  It just hit me and I knew I HAD to make these cookies.  The only problem was I didn’t have time to play and indulge in my cookie fantasy, so it marinated:  I visualized them, I dreamt about them for weeks; this idea just wouldn’t let go!  So, finally I had some time last night and the idea that wouldn’t die came to life.

This was a completely selfish project as my children went hungry last night while I painted my pictures, until Mr. John saw I had that glassy-eyed, paintbrush wielding look that told him food would not be forthcoming, and grabbed some Taco Bell (he is such a gem!)  I think I might have even hissed at him?

So I’m glad to say, I am no longer a woman posessed.  I got my idea down on cookie.  The Hallelujah chorus in my head has quieted… for now.

Until the next thing develops


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  1. Carrie

    These are my favorite Lizalicious cookies yet, I think. Fabulous idea, and beautifully executed. Hopefully you can sleep now. 🙂

  2. Jan J.

    I hope this doesn't sound too gushy, but you a true artistic genius, particularly noting your feverish need to make these LOL! These are so fantastic and such a great idea! The little pink tights and red Mary Janes with the daisy trailing down – exquisite! Wow I am blown over by these!

  3. What an amazing gift you have. I am in awe of your talent and so grateful that you share it with us…who thoroughly enjoy everything you create.

  4. Can I just say… um really? Are these cookies even slightly possible? um really? I'm seriously in shock. I know you are an incredible artist. But, um really? Can you tell I'm dumbfounded? WOW! You are so beyond AMAZING!

  5. Katie

    Saw these via my sister (a photog) and Sugar Rush Shop…these are too beautiful to eat! What a wonderful idea and gorgeously painted!

  6. Karina

    Oh my goodness – those are not seriously cookies….pinned to a clothes line. A-m-a-zing. Andy they are painted by hand – by you? Not the photo transfer sheets you run through the computer. Simply divine.

  7. Thank you so much for your comments everyone! It seriously makes my day to hear that something I made surprises or delights you. To answer a few questions:

    * Yes, I love it when people eat my cookies 😀 as long as I get a picture first!
    * Yes, these are painted with a paintbrush and food coloring… by me 😀
    * Yes, the square root of 3 is 1.73 ok, no one asked that, but I thought I'd answer it anyway.

    Hope you have an outstanding day!

  8. Liz, holy WOW!!!! I saw your project featured over at Homework and had to come by. Your artwork is absolutely the finest and most exquisite! I definitely need to thank Carolyn for sending me your way.

    Food art aficionado,
    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  9. I couldn't stop laughing for your "I think I might have hissed at him." Your such a crack up! The need to create runs deep. Great, and awesome sister of mine. I'm so glad you followed your 'ight bulb' and vision. They are stunning, truly masterpieces!

  10. Anonymous

    I gasped out loud because these are so. so. so. beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your gift!

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