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Arty McGoo

  • Paso Robles, California, United States

Painty McGoo

Errmagerrrrsh! I am so excited! Ever since I started putting paintbrush to cookie almost 8 years ago, I’ve been asked, “What paintbrushes do you use?...

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CookieCon Calendar Artist: Tammy Trahan

My friend Tammy Trahan (New Orleans Cookie Company) was asked to be Miss February for the CookieCon Calendar project. Here are Tammy’s thoughts on...

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From cakes to cookies: Meet Valerie!

Hi everyone, this is Kim. When I attended a Cookie Roundup last year, I met Val Lindsley. She was funny, enthusiastic, and pretty new...

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CookieCon Calendar Artist: Tricia Zunino

If you were lucky enough to attend Cookie Con in Indianapolis, you received a 2019 CookieCon Calendar. Each month features a beautiful photograph of...

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Suburban Madmom (aka: Suburban Badass)

Piping Better than Mediocre (And Sometimes Super Teeny) LogosAnn (Suburban Madmom) MuradArty: In a word, my friend Ann is a conundrum. She is...

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