Milk… it does a body good!

Do you know what today is?  Yes, it’s Saturday, what else?  Sure it’s the 8th of December, you’re getting warmer…  It’s the 8th day of Christmas!  Do you know what my true love gave to me on the 8th day?  Go ahead, sing through the song.  And while you’re at it check out these amazingly gorgeous and breathtaking cookie creations linked below:

a partridge in a pear tree by Callye
2 turtle doves by Maryann
3 french hens by Hani
4 calling birds by Mariëlle
5 golden rings by Alison
6 geese a laying by Marlyn
7 swans a swimming by Lisa

8 maids a milking… by me!

Callye decided the only way she could finally fulfill her dream of cookieying the 12 days of Christmas, she’d need to enlist the help of some friends.  I chose 8 maids a milking and I imagined a folk art inspired quilt cookie, with primitive cows and milkmaids.

Then I realized:  HELLO!  I can’t make a bunch of square cookies for the Queen of Cutter Repurposing!  I am 0% creative when it comes to having cutter vision; that ability to see outside the cutter.  When I see a fish shaped cookie cutter, you know what possibilities I see?  Yeah, that’s right… a fish.  But the thing I like best about taking on a collaborative project is the ways I grow as a cookier when I push myself {or somebody else pushes you: Thanks Callye!} out of my comfort zone.

So, not only did I decide to repurpose a cutter for this, I decided to do 8 different milkmaids with different cutters.  I guess when I decide to push myself I really shove!  Actually… I figured if I hated the end results I could salvage at least one milkmaid to post about and I’d throw in a cow and call it good.  But surprise, surprise!  Even though this whole process was completely new to me, after I freaked out a little over it, I had a TON of fun and all 8 milkmaids remained intact and repurposed!

Go check out the cutters I used and the cookies I came up with at The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle.  

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  1. You are amazing my friend! 8 different maids a milking??? You nailed everyone of them! I LOVE the one with the buckets over her shoulders!!! I hope you know how inspiring you are to all of us:)

  2. Okay Liz, Liz bo-biz…the good news is, you've blown my mind. The bad news is, if this is the after effect of our stay together, you might have earned a first clad ticket into being my permanant roomie. Bet you had no idea what you were getting yourself into, eh? Anywho, que the chant. LIZ IS AMAZING, LIZ IS AMAZING!!!

  3. These are absolutely amazing like everything you do Liz! I'm always blown away by your talent. Like you, I have NO talent in repurposing a cookie cutter. None. You did a phenomenal job and I always love seeing your cookies! Cristin

  4. I don't even know how these don't have a million comments saying how awesome these are. They are fabulous. Merry Christmas Liz, I hope you and family have an amazing holidays! hugs

  5. Anonymous

    WOW! I stumbled upon your Flickr page and followed it to your Blog. I'm SO impressed by your talent. You're extraordinary! We've been in awe enjoying your clever art, thank you for posting!

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