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Guest Post: Details, Details, Details….

Guest Post: Details, Details, Details….

Arty: Tammy… how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:  I love that your cat has his own wardrobe complete with hats and outfits for every season and holiday.  I love that you call yourself shy, but you open up to people immediately and are so loving.  I love that you have a style that I can look at for days and STILL find new things to be awed over.  

If you are lucky enough to be Tammy’s friend I bet these are things you love about her too.  If you aren’t Tammy’s friend… give her 2 seconds.  She’ll fix that!  I think you need to prepare yourself a little to see her creations.  Imagine crazy details, gorgeous colors and textures, add edible and throw in some magic and you have Tammy’s creations.  Go ahead… but you’ve been warned:

 Tammy Trahan of  New Orleans Cookie Company  Tammy Trahan of New Orleans Cookie Company

It’s great to be featured here. Thanks Arty. Wow, what an amazing and fun cookie journey this has been thus far! A few years back I was so inspired as I would watch videos of a couple of my favorite cookie idols, who make the most amazing cookies in the whole world. I was blown away and fascinated with what I would see. Being an artist, a graphic/corporate designer, and a jewelry designer, I was excited about trying out this new medium. I had enjoyed baking for many years, decorated a few cakes here and there, and was now ready to give cookie decorating a try.

It all began in October of 2015 when I made cookies for my daughter-in-law’s baby shower, for my precious grandson George! I loved working with royal icing! Holiday after holiday I continued decorating and playing with cookies. I was in love with my new adventure. Then, one day I laid my eyes on the most beautiful and darling cookies that I had ever seen! They were the sweet little hand painted Dolly Dingle Paper doll cookies by our beloved Liz Adams (aka Arty McGoo). Oh my, hand painted cookies! I found my way to Arty’s blog, and McGoo U! The inspiration was off the charts! As I learned more tips and techniques, I developed and continue to develop my own style. I love trying new things, and we all know that each month we have access to many new things.

It was early 2017 that New Orleans Cookie Company was founded. I have designed a line of cookies that depict the warmth, celebration, and nostalgia of my fun city. I have also designed several ongoing sets of cookies such as angels, hearts, fun at the circus, etc. As far as my style goes, IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS!! I have always loved details! It ‘s about celebrating my love for art, design, color, and life itself! I love whimsical and fun details. I love my miniature toy collection!

My favorite decorating techniques are hand painting on cookies, rubber stamping, and making those adorable little fondant embellishments. My angel cookies are so much fun to do using these techniques. It’s funny, that the set of angel cookies were never planned. I needed a cookie to post for Valentine’s Day on my New Orleans Cookie Company Instagram account and I didn’t have one. I grabbed an angel cookie that I hadn’t decorated for Christmas, and just began stamping, etc. I was blown away with the cookie love for this angel, that I then did one for Mardi Gras. The love for these whimsical angels continues to grow, so as I indulge in my cookie therapy I have a blast making them. They are always spontaneous and never planned.

I mostly decorate cookies as a form of art, and for family and friends. I only seldom take cookie orders, although I would love doing cookies for film and print jobs. I have a couple of cookie related ideas, and I look forward to the cookie future. Thank you so much for your cookie love and support!

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  1. Awe!! Thank you so much for your very sweet and kind words about me and my creativity. I absolutely love decorating cookies, and I do absolutely love connecting with our cookie world. I am very blessed to have met y’all Liz, John, and Kim. You are an outstanding gift to us all. ❤️

  2. Your work is incredible. I feel blessed to be a part of McGoo U. It is such a talented and sharing group and it fills my heart with joy everyday. Thank Liz, Kim and John for making my eyes dance with wonder and magic. I hope to meet you one day Tammy and you ladies need to return to North Carolina.

  3. Tammy your cookies are stunning pieces of art. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and your talents.

  4. Tammy, I am inspired by your artistic creations on cookies!! You truly are gifted and have much to give to the cookie community. Do you happen to do tutorials? Your whimsical style is tons of fun :). Love all your work and I know how much time goes into the magic of hand decorated cookies.

  5. Those are incredible!! Love the Art Heart! Looks like a photograph.

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