McGoo U: December 2016

Happy Holidays!

Celebrate all the things!  Tis the season that brings joy to so many people.  This month at McGoo U we’ll decorate 3 symbols of the season from a rustic baby Jesus in a manger, to a clean and simple joy design, and a dreidel that is showing the Hebrew letter gimel (the best side to land on because you win everything).  It’s also the season for cookies and these would be perfect additions to your holiday sets.  Although it’s been said, many times, many ways (including cookies): Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice, whatever you celebrate I wish you a wonderful one full of joy and love and a Happy New Year!

Speaking of joy, this guy right here brings me joy.  This month’s Expert Lab guest, Chris Taylor of Flour Sugar Butter pulls out some fun new toys, tools,  and techniques as he makes his stunning stained glass poinsettia cookies.  

Chris Taylor’s cookie name (Flour Sugar Butter) becomes even sweeter when you realize he is a wizard at pie making, gumpaste flowers, cake decorating.  Basically, if it has to do with flour, sugar, and butter, he loves to create with it, and we love him for it. His award winning pie recipes will make you reconsider your cookie loyalty. To see if he is as knowledgeable with pop culture as he is with pop rocks, Arty and Chris play a couple of rounds of Head’s Up in Mixing it Up.  (spoiler alert: he is!)

Ever been in a time crunch and your airbrush starts acting crazy, or your icing won’t dry, or you can’t figure out how to get the right tone of puce to match a wedding invite?  Stupid, stupid puce!  In this month’s After School skit, we’ve fantasized a fix for all these problems:  A 24 hour Cookie Emergency Hotline!  Operators are standing by to direct your call to a cookie expert dedicated to helping you solve any cookie woes, even in the middle of the night.  These scenarios will make you laugh out loud and wish that the 24 hour cookie hotline was real!

It’s freezing outside! What better time to talk about freezing cookies, royal icing, and cookie dough? In Smart Cookie, Georganne Bell of LilaLoa and Arty discuss the best practices when planning and freezing cookies, freezing leftover icing, if decorated cookies should be frozen, and the most important question: Do previously frozen cookies taste good? Don’t get burned, learn the ins and outs of freezing!

As always we finish off the day with a relaxing and impromptu design using the Extra Frosting from class.  

I would love to see what you created using this month’s tutorials.  Remember YOU can earn your varsity letter by sharing your McGoo U inspired creations using the hashtag #mcgoou on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.  

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