The Gift that Keeps on Giving

This past Christmas I decided to give my father-in-law a gift that his sweet tooth would benefit from all through the year.  I presented him with a dessert of the month menu detailing the decadence he had to look forward to every couple of weeks.  I included seasonal favorites, lots of chocolate (his favorite), desserts that I’ve made a million times, and a couple that I’ve never tried or even heard of.  I like to keep things exciting!  January was baklava and lots of it.  February was 2 Raspberry Chocolate Tortes (heart shaped, though you can’t tell from the picture).

We’re only two months in, but it has been so much fun to bake these confections.  It’s not just him that it treats every month, but it’s also a treat for me to make these especially for him.  I think about him as I mix and measure and I imagine how much he will enjoy my creation.  I always make enough for him to share (which he always does with his wife, Mr. John’s mom.) Stay tuned for this month’s St. Patrick’s Day inspired goodness!

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  1. Alyssa

    Wow, everything from the cookies to the daddy-in-law desserts looks amazing! You are a culinary artist 🙂

  2. Chuck

    Liz, You and your desserts are so sweet! What you wrote really touches me. I am honored. I am one fortunate father-in-law!

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