I think I have a case of Pinkititis!

Pinkalicious has come to San Luis Obispo and I’m seeing PINK!  Kelrik is putting on this adorable musical for the next several weekends.  I took the kids and some of their friends on Saturday and we had a blast!  Mr. John just happens to have a lead role as Mr. Pinkerton and he was hilarious, as was the entire cast.  The whole show was so colorful and fun with singing cupcakes, bubbles, a bicycle built for four, singing and dancing bees and ladybugs, loads of pink… it was everything a little girl could ask for!   
The play is based on a book of the same name by Victoria Kann and adorable illustrations by her sister,  Elizabeth Kann about a girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and develops a case of Pikititis!   
Sage and Erica are dressed to impress
Sage and her friend Erica had fun getting ready and got a quick fluorescent pink manicure 
before the show.  I didn’t even know I had that color polish! 
Bailey and her friend Shilo are very mature 9 year olds who didn’t want to wear pink 
fingernails or tutus, but loved every minute of the show.
Shilo and Bailey wore pink, but skipped the tutus
Denver was my date, but I didn’t get a picture of us! Denver loved the show as well and his favorite part was when “Mr. Pinkerton” fainted when he discovered his daughter had turned pink.
This opening night occassion called for cookies, lots of pinkeriffic cookies!  I got to try out painting with food coloring again and it was really fun.  They came out pretty pinktastic if I do say so myself!  They all ended up selling out the first two shows!

packaged and pretty in pink

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  1. Those are absolutely awesome. I wonder when your talent will cease to amaze me…. Not yet! 😉

    On a completely unrelated note, my captcha was "angst". Coincidence? 😉

  2. Dale

    Ditto to Jessica! Those cookies look pinkalicious! So do the girls, yummy….

  3. Becca Boo

    Oh my goodness these are the MOST adorable cookies! I especially love the cupcake ones…very sweet.

  4. I´ve just discover your blog.
    Your work is spectacular!!!!! Original, talented…
    Congrats from Spain.

  5. saw these cupcake cookies on theberry.com as inspiration for decorating. I thought to myself, I've seen those before. 😉

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