Arty’s 12 Days After Christmas SPECTACULAR: Day 1!

Merry day AFTER Christmas!  If you are tired of opening gifts and getting fun surprises, then you do NOT want to stay tuned for the next 12 days because it is gonna be lousy with amazing prizes and loot that will make any sweet-creator squeal.  Welcome to “Arty’s 12 Days after Christmas Giveaway.  The crazy thing about this giveaway is that it grows every day!  On the first day after Christmas (December 26th) Arty gives to you one awesome prize!  On the second day after Christmas, Arty gives you a new prize… PLUS the prize from day one and so on.  That means there will be 12 lucky winners and the winner on day 12 will be SWIMMING in unbelievable prizes!  UN.  BELIEVABLE!  I seriously want to keep all these amazing prizes to myself, but I will not be a grinch.  I can’t wait to see who wins each day!

I will be posting a video announcing the new prize daily on Facebook leading up to day 12 (12/26 – 1 /6).  If by chance you are super duper lucky and you get chosen on day 1 and then again on day 8 (for example) you will receive the day 8 prizes and we will re-draw a new winner for the day 1 prize.

Who can enter?  ANYONE can enter.  There will be a new blogpost/Rafflecopter entry every day.  Visit the blog and follow the Rafflecopter instructions.  Easy peasy.  

There are added entries if you are a McGoo U subscriber!  Monthly subscribers can receive an added entry when they log in and annual subscribers can earn two added entries.    

I want everybody to be able to participate… but (everybody has a but) if you are an international winner (outside of the United States) you have a couple of options:

  1. You can pay for the actual shipping cost to yourself.
  2. You may designate a shipping address in the US that we will cover shipping to, or
  3. You may decline any prize that is too expensive to ship.  

How do I enter?  Registration is super simple:

  1. Visit the new blog post every day to enter through Rafflecopter.  Follow the instructions.
  2. Additional entries: Log in to your McGoo U account. (Member login is in the upper left hand corner of your screen and looks like a little door on a computer, and 3 lines if you are on your phone.)  Simply fill out your name and email EVERY DAY! (so we can let you know when you win!)

Website registration is open from midnight to 11:59 PM PST.  We choose a new winner every day so don’t forget to enter daily!  We have an all new lineup of prizes and sponsors this year and I am so excited to share the cookie love.  Start the new year off right: with AWESOME cookie schwag.  Best of luck to you all! 

DAY 1 Prize:

“These Baking Buddies Lapel Pins add a dash of swagger and a pinch of awesome to your apron, bulletin board, or lapel of choice. Each is made of high quality, hard enamel and comes packaged on a custom designed back board.” ~Mike Tamplin, Semi Sweet

They are so adorable!  Mike is not only a fantastic cookie artist, he also designs super clever cookie cutters and these sweet Baking Buddies pins!  Mike is 100% sweet and we are so excited for him to kick off our 12 days!  Enter below to win your own little buddies.

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  1. katydoescookies

    Happy 12 days after Christmas!!! What a fun giveaway. Today would be a great day to win!! It’s my birthday!! Love Mike’s stuff!! –Katy

    1. John Adams

      Happy Birthday Katy! Good Luck!

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