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A Year of Cookies: One Cutter December

Tis the season!

Tis the season for… penguins?  Penguins have nothing to do with Christmas, but I suppose they have been lumped into the Christmas collection of characters because in some places winter and Christmas coincide (like here in California).  Penguins’ Christmas happens to be summertime but we northern hemisphere folks tend to transplant penguins into our snowy Christmas scenes, because HOLY CUTENESS!

So in the name of penguin cuteness I’m changing up my Circus Ringmaster into an adorable penguin for my series “A Year of Cookies: One Cutter.”  I flipped my ringmaster shape upside down for this cute little guy, but didn’t alter the shape in any way.  He fits right in!!!

For the second makeover I flipped the hat right side up again and created a very festive reindoe.  Rein-DOE?  Heck yeah!  Did you know most male reindeer lose their antlers during the winter months while the females lose theirs during the warmer months.  When you see those reindeer with their big, beautiful antlers pulling Santa’s sleigh they are most likely females.  You go girls!  Another fun fact, reindeer have night vision.     

I hope you are having a fantastic and magical Holiday season no matter where you live or what season it is!

If you don’t have this awesome cutter I designed for Ann Clark yet… what are you waiting for? You can grab one here! So far, so useful!

Working my way through my idea list has been so fun and I love exercising my creative muscles in new ways.

27 ideas for “Arty McGoo’s Top Hat Cookie Cutter”:

  • ringmaster
  • magic hat with rabbit
  • leprechaun
  • cupcake
  • goldfish
  • snowman
  • jellyfish
  • tombstone
  • cactus
  • reindeer
  • tree
  • girl
  • Easter basket
  • penguin

  • ice cream
  • basket of flowers
  • indian corn
  • giraffe
  • pilgrim turkey
  • pot of gold
  • walrus
  • hot air balloon
  • football player
  • flying football
  • doorway
  • bunny
  • ghost

What will the shape be transformed into next month? Check in to see! Here are all the cookies so far.

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