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A Year of Cookies: One Cutter October

Boo-tiful transformations

October is one of my favorite months and it contains one of my favorite holidays.  I never grew out of my love for Halloween: the colors, the smells, the dressing up!  It is all so magical and fun, and yes a little spooky.

Since I love dressing up for Halloween I thought  I would give my Circus Ringmaster a Halloween makeover for my series “A Year of Cookies: One Cutter.”  I love the way the brim worked for making this surprised ghost’s little arms!  With his hollow-eyed stare and droopy folds he looks completely harmless and quite irresistible   For my second cookie transformation I trimmed the brim off the hat to create a creepy tombstone.

If you don’t have this awesome cutter I designed for Ann Clark yet… what are you waiting for? You can grab one here! So far, so useful!

Working my way through my idea list has been so fun and I love exercising my creative muscles in new ways.

27 ideas for “Arty McGoo’s Top Hat Cookie Cutter”:

  • ringmaster
  • magic hat with rabbit
  • leprechaun
  • cupcake
  • goldfish
  • snowman
  • jellyfish
  • tombstone
  • cactus
  • reindeer
  • tree
  • girl
  • Easter basket
  • penguin

  • ice cream
  • basket of flowers
  • indian corn
  • giraffe
  • pilgrim turkey
  • pot of gold
  • walrus
  • hot air balloon
  • football player
  • flying football
  • doorway
  • bunny
  • ghost

What will the shape be transformed into next month? Check back in to see, but for now, let’s see all the cookies so far. The gang’s all here!

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