Will You Go to Winter Formal With Me?

A while back I was lucky enough to be a part of a prom-posal when I made cookies for Logan that helped him ask a girl to prom.  {you can find that story here}  I got to be a part of another romantically involved adventure yesterday and this time it was for the Winter Formal.  Girl wanted to make cookies that represented the Boy’s likes and dislikes making this a very personal collection of cookies.  Very creative!  So here is the story.  It’s a classic :

Girl meets Boy.
Boy likes snowboarding and water polo.
Boy does NOT like Calculus.
Girl wants to ask Boy to Winter Formal.  
Girl has Liz make these cookies to ask him:

… Boy said “Yes!”
Kids are getting dang creative these days!  There are so many great ways to ask someone out on a date.  I got a very fun surprise the other day when I found out my {Logan’s} prom cookies were featured on The Tip Junkie‘s “20 Creative Ways to Ask Someone Out”.
You’ve got to go check out all the AMAZING ideas out there.  You’ll love it if you have a teenager, ARE a teenager, were ever in your life a teenager!  I wish I was that brave when I was in high school.  
Heck!  now that I think about it, you could be 97 and still use these fun ideas if you have a special someone you’re thinking of asking to the Senior Ball at the rec center.  I will amend the above and say:  You’ll love the ideas if you are a human.
So… will you?  Will you go out with me?  I’ve had a crush on you for a while now…

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  1. Paula

    I just now saw your promposal post and loved it. Congratulations on having the cookies featured on The Tip Junkie! These cookies are also very creative and very cute!

  2. Genae

    Liz! You amaze me every time! These are so cute.

  3. Wow! great idea. And amazing work on the cookies. I could have used cookies and instead of just walking right up to the boy and asking him hee hee 🙂

  4. Super cute Liz! Love these and the fun creative way to ask for a date! Your cookies are always beyond gorgeous!

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