Once Upon a Time…

I hope you’re ready for a magical adventure!  Today you are invited to a virtual baby shower featuring tons of cookies and tons of amazingly talented cookie designers.  Did you come hungry?  The theme of this virtual collaborative shower is Once Upon a Time with 22 amazing cookiers participating.  Each cookier featured a different fairy tale and each cookie is a work of edible art.  I do hope after enjoying my little contribution {please help yourself to some nibbles; the pimento loaf is just lovely!} you’ll go to the rest of the party at the other blogs and mingle.

My fairytale to capture in cookie was Goldilocks and the 3 Bears… or as I like to call it “Goldie and the gang.”  I was delighted to find in my stash 3 bear cookie cutters in graduating sizes.  One had a santa hat, but a quick flick of my wrist {and some sweet ninja knife skills I might add} I had a hatless baby bear.  All right, it’s story time!  Gather round everybody.  My memory is not perfect, but I’ll do my best: 

Once upon a time there was a family of bears.  Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear.  The Bear family has just returned home from their stroll in the woods and are very surprised 
to find their house in disarray. 
Papa Bear thinks someone had been sitting in his extremely hard chair while they were out enjoying the foliage (Don’t ask how he knows!  He just does alright?  bears possess an extra sense) 
 and maybe even tasted a bit of his very hot porridge.  
{He hopes they burnt their tongue}

Mama Bear thinks someone has been sitting in her super comfy chair as well and there is definitely some cold porridge missing from her bowl {she prefers it cold, don’t judge}.  

Baby Bear bursts into tears!  He KNOWS someone was sitting in his chair, because the little bear finial thingy is wobbly and HE sure as heck didn’t do that last week when he was accidentally playing ball inside the house!  And worst of all someone not only took bites of his perfectly room temperature porridge, but they picked out all the berries that Mama Bear had so lovingly stirred in.  Waaaaaah!

With breakfast ruined and that creepy feeling that someone came into their house during their woodland jaunt still lingering, they decide to put the very distraught Baby Bear down for a little hibernation session.  Papa Bear eyes his firm bed suspiciously…  “is that a rumple in my covers?”  Mama’s eye is caught by a smudge on her perfectly puffy confection of a bed and thinks, “is that a berry stain?”  Baby Bear is about to fling himself onto his “just right” bed and grab his teddy …when something under his covers moves!

It’s a GIRL!  a HUMAN girl!  She is sawing logs, her tumbled blonde curls fan Baby Bear’s pillow while she dreams of glittery pink unicorns.  hmmm, that unicorn has bad breath…
 She is suddenly aware of the three hungry bears surrounding her.  She slowly rubs her eyes and says, “Sorry about the porridge guys!  {yawn}  but I make a mean batch of waffles.”  

The 3 bears nod in stunned agreement and admit to a deep and abiding love of waffles. 
And so began Goldie’s weekly tradition of making Saturday morning waffles for her new friends, 
the Bear family.

and they ate waffles happily ever after!

I know, I know… I should have made a waffle cookie!  This set was so much fun to make.  I loved imagining what Goldie looks like, what a surprised bear might look like, what a mama bear might wear and what kind of chair she would pick out.  Her chair looks awfully cozy to me.  If I came upon this little house in the woods and had stuffed myself full of someone else’s hot porridge {2 spoons of brown sugar please!} you can bet I would ensconce myself in that little green number.  Leopard print snuggie optional.

I only had one problem.  I didn’t have a Goldilocks cutter.  hmmmm…  I was inspired by this girl cookie from Klickitat Street using a snowman cutter.  Genius!  One upside down snowman cookie later and we have Goldie.

Thank you for joining me on this fairtytale adventure.  I hope you enjoyed yourself.  Now scoot along to the other awesome fairytale cookies (after leaving an epic comment of course, you weren’t just going to leave my party without a goodbye squeeze to the hostess were you???  Of course you weren’t!)

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Thank you Anne Yorks of Flour Box Bakery for being head hostess and putting all this together and thank you to Yadira of One Sweet Party for designing the sweet bag toppers featured throughout some posts!

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  1. Sue

    Liz, This set is too cute for words! I can just imagine how fun it must be to create such cuteness! I would LOVE to watch you in the process one of these days:)

  2. bloobyrd

    this is just amazing…i love all the contibutions! and your story is hip! love it!

  3. Jen

    My jaw dropped open when I saw your cookies. Then it immediately went into a super wide grin when I read your interpretation of the goldilocks story. I've never seen anyone paint on cookies before and these are absolutely wonderful. You are an immense talent lady!

  4. Your talent never ceases to amaze me beyond words. The facial expressions on the bears is incredible. To think that you PAINTED these cookies is just mind-boggling. You are an incredible artist Liz!

  5. You SO need to publish these in fairy tale book form — how cute would that be?!?!?!?!

  6. Paula

    I love your version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears…best happy ending ever! Your artwork on the cookies is as beautiful as it is whimsical. This was a wonderful idea by Anne and your interpretation of it is truly magical.

  7. Anonymous

    Holy Cow! what a great artist you are. Was this all done with edible markers?????

  8. Laura

    These cookies are absolutely amazing. You are very talented and creative.

  9. Zulima

    Hace poco que te conozco, pero debo decirte que adoro todas tus creaciones.

    Fantástico trabajo.

    Un besote, mi solete.


  10. these are sooo beautiful! i'm happy i stumbled upon your blog i can't wait to watch your cookie painting tutorial i have been wanting to try and do that for awhile now

  11. JenPB

    Wow, wow, and WOW again! We love looking at your cookie art! We love knowing that we'll soon be almost-neighbors to such a creative woman! (We're moving to Creston!) Maybe our paths will cross, or we'll pick up some of your creations for a special occasion – have two creative girls and lots of special occasions. 🙂

  12. Linzi

    I think I love you. Sorry, is that a bit forward for a first meeting? Having had a bit of a nose around, whether you think of yourself as an artist or not, or whether you think your work is worthy, let there be absolutely no doubt that it is completely and utterly amazing – I've never seen anything that could touch it! *jealous*

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