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I made these B O O canvases the other night and thought I’d share.  I covered these crazy-sized canvases I found at Michael’s with pages from a psychic book (I had to spell that about 10 times before I came up with the correct spelling!)  There is always a box of free books at our library and I love grabbing ones I’m interested in reading, but it’s fun to find ones to deface  lovingly repurpose as well. 

Yesterday we had family over for my mom’s birthday potluck dinner.  It was super yummy and fun to be with my parents, 2 of my sisters, 6! of my nephews (no nieces could make it) plus my bunch.  Oh, and one brother-in-law that I have to mention, since I mentioned everybody else.  Just kidding.  Love you Dustin!

For my mom’s cake I found this scrumptious looking recipe from Food.com (formerly known as Recipezaar) because whenever there’s a group of unsuspecting guinea pigs I experiment with some new recipe.  So I made a Chunky Apple Spice Cake but instead of using the butter sauce that is on the recipe, I frosted it and used maple extract rather than vanilla to make a Maple Cream Cheese Frosting.

I thought the cake, which is filled with diced granny smith apples, raisins, and pecans (recipe calls for walnuts) would be a little too sophisticated for the little one’s palates, but everyone from the 2 year old to the 68 year old LOVED it!  It was a little crazy to slice into, because I made a double layer cake and with all the bits and pieces inside, it was very hard to cut and keep it purty lookin’.  Ahhhh, well.  The taste made up for the messiness.  

I saw the cake banner idea somewhere in blogland and can’t find it anywhere! 

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