Mother’s Day Series: Raising Arty

By Daphne:

It’s always been fun to be Elizabeth’s mother. I admit that hers was the most difficult delivery out of our 6 but our cute, curly-haired baby was also welcomed by 3 older sisters and a brother that loved, doted on and helped the new baby. All 4 of our daughters were born in the 1970’s.  

    At Elizabeth’s birth, her dad agreed to the name Elizabeth, as long as no one ever called her ‘Lizzy’ or ‘Liz’….dream on papa  (altho I have always called her Elizabeth).  Her own gentle, mild-mannered & happy disposition certainly made up for that tough delivery.Four years later, Elizabeth was ‘dethroned’ from her baby position, when her little brother was born. 

Arty’s edit:  Here I am plotting to overthrow the world.  This is one of my favorite family pics because our expressions are hilarious. 
Arty’s edit: ugh, here he is, the little usurper.  

    Elizabeth was always curious, quite shy, a quick learner and wanted to do everything her 3 older sisters did.  As their mom I had a great time sewing 4 matching smocked Easter dresses, 4 stretchy-striped swim suits, nities, panties, slips , Halloween costumes & tons of pant & dress outfits.  

     She was forever a most avid reader and I would find a flashlight and 5 or more books in her bed. Our family enjoyed singing together around the piano and her natural musical talents were evident.  In Jr. High it was fun to watch her play in the girls basketball games.  She and her siblings would sit around the dining table with their dad giving each one a blank paper, paints, pencils etc. for an art lesson together.  Through high school she continued developing her musical & artistic abilities.  

    Upon meeting her dear John in college and then marrying, his own encouragement & cheer-leading certainly furthered Elizabeth’s creative juices. (We also adore the 3 amazing grandchildren they produced).  Her dad and I continue to be amazed and delighted at her really innovative creations as a cookier as well as all she & John’s great business acumen. Elizabeth is one great wife, mother, woman, friend and daughter and we cherish her.

Elizabeth, er Liz, I mean Arty here to add:

I recently found my Easter basket from this picture and had to “recreate” the look.  Each of the baskets were made with a different fabric and yep, you guessed it… my mom sewed them.  How did she get our hairbows so straight?!    

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  1. Ashley Beebout

    Adorable! I saw sage in one of those photos! Happy Mother’s Day to you lovely ladies.

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