My Mom, Arty McGoo.

By Bailey Adams:

I always hear teenagers my age saying, “OMG, my mom is soooooooo lame! She’s so embarrassing, and she never does anything fun.” Everytime I am faced with this obnoxious statement, I have no idea how to respond. I can’t relate to the individual at all, because my mom is absolutely wonderful. Putting the word “lame” by “my mom” is something so unfathomable to me that when I was younger, I thought all moms where this cool. Being a bit older now, i realize that my mother, Elizabeth Kessinger Adams, is basically the raddest person on the face of our planet.  

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but my mom is flipping hilarious. I can’t think of anyone else who makes me laugh harder than she does.  A few months ago, my siblings and I where on the couch with my mom. She decided she would see what this “Snapchat” thing was all about. she had downloaded it onto her phone around 7:30, and we were on the couch till 2:00am laughing hysterically at the ridiculous face swaps we made. We laughed till tears streamed down our faces and our stomachs hurt from laughing so much. Oh, and by the way, my mom’s laugh is more contagious than a yawn. Once she gets going, there is no turning back. my mom and I are similar in many ways, and one of those similarities is that when we are tired, we get really hyper. When we go to Disneyland, we always try to stay till 12:00am. Nothing compares to that feeling at midnight as you stand there in the park, your tired sore feet are still damp from splash mountain 6 hours ago and your clothes smell like bubbles and churros, and you can’t help but smile a delirious smile, and do some weird dance that has not yet been discovered in our universe. At least, thats what my mom and I do. We will do these weird dances and faces and it is hilarious. it could be 3:00am or 12:00pm and it will always be hysterical to me.

I always love to sit next to my mom, whether it be in the pews at church or strapped in by her side on a roller coaster, I always feel better sitting by my mom and having her by my side. Evidently, my siblings feel the same way. This has been a real conflict in our household recently. Back when Denver, my 11 year old brother, was a baby, my mom had three sides. Sage and I would sit next to her on either side, and Denver would be in her lap. well, Denver is now a growing young man of 90 pounds, and he can’t quite sit on her lap like he used to. My siblings and I will often argue over who’s “turn” it is to sit next to mom every Sunday. At Disneyland, we alternate the rides we go on so we can all sit next to her equally. Ridiculous? Sometimes it certainly is. My siblings and I, we are pretty good kids. I would say we are not too terrible a trio, but I know we are definitely a handful sometimes. My mom always shows an incredible amount of patience with us, whether we are pushing each other over to sit by her or arguing over trivial little things, she is always patient with us, not to mention her keeping a calm countenance as i learn how to operate our two-ton vehicle.

My mom is definitely a mom, but she’s also my best friend. Sometimes I feel like a lot of people’s relationships with their moms are either one or the other, a mom, or best friend. I think that’s one of the reasons why my mom and i’s relationship is so unique is because we have both. My mom is my confidant, and I tell her ligit everything. Everyday, since I was about 5, I come home from school and tell her everything that went on during the time I was out of her sight. I think it is both a blessing and a curse for my mom. A blessing because I am such a chatter box that I would never be able to hide anything from her, and a curse because I literally never shut up. Nevertheless, my mom always sits and attentively listens to every weird, pointless thing I have to say. Thats another one of my moms many talents: listening. She is an incredible listener. She also gives the best advice. Sometimes I have a hard time believing my mom has problems because she is so good at solving mine with me. 🙂   

Oh, did I ever mention that my mother, Elizabeth Adams, is a freakin superhero? Yeah, she has her alter ego, Arty McGoo, but she is also a Superhero. She possesses this special power known to man as Mothers Intuition. I don’t know if I will ever be able to fully comprehend how she does it, but she can always tell when one of us kids is fibbing or hiding something. (of course, its never me…pfft. course not.) Not only is she able to tell when there is mischief about; she is also able to win every game we ever play as a family. I’m dead serious, I don know how she does it, but every time she beats us all by a mile. i know what your thinking, she cheated. Nope. I have already investigated the possibility numerous times and it is proven to be untrue. She does not cheat, but she always wins. We could be playing any game, and she will win, whether that game be Scrabble, Catan, Tetris, Blockus, it could be a flipping dice game; a game of chance, and she still wins. I’m telling you, its a special power she possesses. I hope it’s hereditary…

I will be 100% honest, it’s sometimes hard to share her with her thousands of followers and Cookier pals when she leaves for cookie con, or to teach classes that are away from our home, or when she has to leave to film in Kansas City. It is definitely hard to share her with the world, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know my mom has blessed so many lives by doing what she does, and I know that she definitely has a very special light about her. I remember one time while my mom was gone on one of her many cookie-ing adventures, I happened to have a particularly rough day. I remember wanting to have my mom back home so I could talk with her and feel her hugs and ask her for advice and just to have my mom at home with me. I remember these words entered my head: “Why the crap does everyone have to love her so much?” I laughed out loud at my own selfishness, because who could blame them?! My mom is such an amazing person, how could I expect other people to ignore such a radiant and beautiful person? My mom is not perfect, but she is the closest person to perfect that I have ever witnessed in this life. My mother is the perfect example of the mother I strive to be in my future. She is the perfect example of a friend, a teacher, a peacemaker, a chef, a follower of Jesus Christ, and she is the perfect example of the person I want to become. I am so grateful that I was blessed with such an amazing woman I get to call my mom. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I will always love you. 





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  1. Karina Carrizales

    Ok but who is cutting onions here? This was beautiful to read ❤️ Thankyou for sharing this with us

  2. Gail Beaver

    What a beautiful testament to the love of a daughter for her Mother! Beautifully written young lady! Every Mother can only dream that a child of theirs would put their feelings together in such a way. Arty is very lucky. awesome!

  3. Rachel

    I’m my gosh. I’m trying to subtly dry my eyes at my desk at work now. What a beautiful message from a wonderful daughter to an amazing mum. Thankyou for sharing your mum with us Bailey.

  4. Kathy Pilato

    Yep, she is pretty darned awesome! There is a bible verse about knowing a tree by its fruit. You three little apples haven’t fallen far from the tree! Knowing your sweet family, crazy Dad included, I have hope for our future generations. Love to Mom, and your whole crazy bunch! She does wear a crown in your eyes, and God promised such. Love you!!

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