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Guest Post: Meet Kris Colucci!

Today I want you to meet my friend Kris. I first met Kris at CookieCon and the last time I saw her… was at CookieCon 2017 with some fun encounters in between.  I was lucky enough to get a quick Kris fix in between CookieCons when we decorated cookies last Christmastime.  She makes outstanding cookies and I’m always impressed with her talent and her thoughtfulness.  Her business name reflects her style perfectly: “So Cute Cookies”. Seriously, look at some of her cookies below and try not to say it:”SO CUTE!  I dare ya.  So here, without further ado, is Kris:

Hello! I’m Kris from So Cute Cookies. I was so flattered to be asked to write a guest post for Arty McGoo’s blog. 

The power of a cookie is amazing. I love being a part of people’s special events and bringing a smile to people through cookies. I enjoy delivering random acts of cookie kindness to people as I go about my day. Whether I bring treats to my favorite checker at the grocery, my husband’s office staff, or my mom’s nurses, the reaction is always the same! People get so excited over a cookie. 

I began my cookie journey when I took a cookie bouquet class with a friend at my local Michael’s store in 2010. I had always been crafty: loved scrapbooking and stamping cards, so decorating cookies was another creative hobby that I thought would be fun in retirement. We used fondant in our class and I went online to find another type of icing that was more like frosting. I found the Karens Cookies blog and website and stumbled into a whole site full of recipes, tutorials, videos, and an online forum where I could talk with other people who shared my passion. I experimented with Royal Icing, Glaze, and Royal Glaze but ultimately fell in love with Karen’s Meringue Powder Buttercream Icing. Over the years I’ve tweaked it to my liking using less shortening and more flavorings but this is basically how I still make my icing today for all my cookie orders. Https://karenscookieblog.com/category/recipes/. Meringue Powder Buttercream does not dry hard and crunchy. It has a more frosting like texture but it dries firm enough to stack and package once dried overnight. I realize most cookiers use Royal Icing but my family and customers love my icing so I will stick with it. 

In 2012 I went to a cookie retreat in Louisville, KY and it was so fun to meet and learn from other cookiers. I met so many people I still call my friends today. I have attended every CookieCon in Salt Lake City and have taken some fun classes along the way with Arty Mc Goo, Oh Sugar, and SweetTCakes.

I would define my cookie style as simple and cute. I avoid complicated orders and characters.  One of my favorite things to do is package cookies. I love wrapping gifts and showing up to the party with the prettiest package, so it’s only natural that I love adding big bows and cute packaging to show off my cookies. I want my customers to have that WOW factor when they walk into an event bringing my cookies. 

When I am not busy baking treats my husband and I love to travel. Our 2 kids are grown and we try and vacation as often as possible. I have even combined my love of baking and traveling by visiting a few cookie friends in the UK, Greece, and Arizona.  Cookie friends are the best people! 

Follow me on Instagram, Facebook (So Cute Cookies) and my website. Www.socutecookies.com.          ~Kris


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