C’mon Coco!

Raise your hand if you are a fan of Conan!  Who can resist that orange fop of hair, that pasty white skin, the mountain man ginger beard…  ahhhhh, he had me at the string dance!  So those of you that are feeling me here know that tomorrow is Conan’s triumphal return to television.  We are so excited here at my house that after the kids are down for bed, we are throwing an orange inspired extravaganza all in the name of COCO.  
Anyone who is a devout Conanite is invited.  But please be aware than an only orange food rule will be strictly enforced.  Butternut squash soup, carrots, hummus, cheese crackers, and orange slices will be on the menu.  You can BYOB or one will be provided.  And by BYOB I mean BRING YOUR ORANGE BEARD of course.  Yes, some people have scoffed at having a party on a Monday night at 11:00 p.m.  But to those people I ask, “Where is your Conan spirit?”  Mr. John and I have had a complete boycott on late night talk shows since that fateful night in January when Conan sang his farewell Freebird.  (tear)  This is Conan Eve and I have been a good girl and am soooo looking forward to the big reveal!
Here are the cookies I made for the orange occasion:

Happy Conan Eve everybody!  Don’t forget to leave out milk and cookies.

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  1. nrg

    Last week the Good Will in SLO had lots of ginger beards for $3 each.

  2. Cari

    Even though I have never seen his show-I will be there! You had me at butter nut squash soup!!!

  3. Jessica L

    I'm sorry…. I'm gonna have to rethink our friendship now… 😉 Conan? Really?

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