Busy Much?

Sorry about the neglect blog!  So many things have happened this past week.  Since I last posted I’ve celebrated a brand new nephew.  He is soooo cute.  Here, I’ll prove it:

My sister Andrea, new baby Tanner, and proud daddy Dustin

See?  I told you.  You see the proud and exhausted parents in the back?  They’re adorable too.  I guess that’s where he gets it from.  Speaking of babies, MY baby turned 5!  Adorableness must run in the family because look at him.  awwwwww! 

MY baby!

I can’t believe he’s FIVE. He woke up the morning after his birthday and said, “Aren’t you going to wish me a happy birthday?” I guess he wants it to become the normal routine.  Then of course there was the All Orange Conan Extravaganza.  Look at all that orange!  Conan did not disappoint and it was extra fun to watch it with great friends… wearing orange beards… and eating orange food. 

A whole lot of orangey goodness

Then John and I headed to San Diego for a convention and got to see my other sister Vicki and her cute family.  (I am lame and didn’t bring my camera 🙁  After that was a photo shoot with the sweetest couple for a brochure.  They live in their beautiful vineyards and it was breathtaking.   

WOW!  What a great week!  I dont think these next several weeks are going to slow down as we ramp up into the holidays!  Big plans and projects coming up.  I hope I can keep up!

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