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The Cart Before the Christmas

I’m making some Thanksgiving cookies today, but I made some Christmas cookies last week for the completely charismatic and captivating Cari.  She is doing amazing things for the growing Jewel Kade company.  I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but these are so charming and artistic and I just adore them.

All of the cookies below are based on Jewel Kade charms and are available from my bestie Cari Ham.  Go here to see all the gorgeousness!

I always have so much fun cookieying things.  (Yes that IS a word.  You know why it’s a word?  Because I use it all the time :D)  This is my third set of Jewel Kade cookies and since they’re always coming out with new pieces, I’m always excited to cookie a new charm.  Here are the other JK sets:

A little bit about the cookies:  All the cookies start with a royal icing base.  Once that is set, I hand-paint each cookie with food coloring and a paintbrush.  With this collection I made little droplets of melted sugar to use as “rhinestones” on the peace cookie, the D monogram, and the candy cane cookie.
I’ve done so many fun cookies sets lately that I need to catch up!  Maybe I’ll have 2 posts this week?!  gasp or 3???

Have a charming day! 

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  1. They are all just so lovely and your idea to use the droplets of melted sugar for rhinestones is just so smart and the effect is wonderful.

  2. Can I just say how very in "AWE" of you that I am? Wow! These are so amazing. I'm really behind in my email and seeing these late, but they were worth the wait! Absolutely dropping jaw gorgeous!

  3. Hi,

    I just found your blog. I love your name – Arty Mcgoo. Just floats off the tongue. Your cookies are so creative. Today, I took a stab at being creative. I made Christmas sugar cookies, although the turned out looking more like baby shower cookies. How do you paint your cookies? Edible ink?

  4. thank you so much everybody. I actually had a bad dream about these cookies the other night (yes, I dream about cookies!) and I was crying to Mr. John and saying, "How am I ever going to top those?!" 😀

    Heather, I paint my cookies with concentrated food coloring. Sometimes it's called gel paste? And I apply it with paintbrushes and water on a royal icing base. Food coloring markers are a really great way to start and get the feel of it.

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