Adventures in Colored Pencil

After a busy afternoon of teaching a craft class at church I dusted off my colored pencils and settled into the couch next to Mr. John.  I haven’t drawn in a long time and it sounded fun and relaxing to mess around with my colored pencils with the sound of a football game in the background.

First I scratched and scribbled myself an apple.  I know it’s a little rusty.  I usually like to reference the real deal, but I thought instead I wanted to see what my memory could produce.  It was a good exercise for my brain!

I also recently rescued an Intro to Chemistry book from the free box at the library and wondered aloud to my dad what I should do with it. He suggested I paint Frankenstein’s monster on a page. Yes, genius does run in the family. So, I ripped out a page from my newly acquired, funky smelling, 1950’s chemistry book. Once again, I asked myself, “What kind of images are stored in my brain? Is there a *Frank sitting up there?” I resisted the urge to go look up some images of Frank and once again just go with it.
 * Frankenstein is the creator of the monster, but for ease I’m calling my monster Frank ;D

I’ve seen Frankenstein images for 32 years.  There’s a hazy recollection of a Frankenstein movie seen ages ago and for some reason Robert De Niro is floating in that haze.  Then there’s Young Frankenstein which is ridiculously… ridiculous.  (Who can resist Gene Wilder?)  Of course the Boris Karloff images are classic.  I had no idea what would result from this potpurri of Franky goodness.

So, here is my Frank, in all his green glory.  I found it hard to make him ugly.  Mr. John let me know when I started that he looked too Arnold Schwarzeneggery.  I kept adding wrinkles and warts and scars to monsterify him.  Then Denver, my 4 year old ran and got me a little Frankenstein wind-up toy he has and informed me that the bolts should be in his temples.  It would be interesting to read the book and then see what kind of monster I’d create.  Are the descriptions of the creature in the book very descriptive?  I think I just gave myself homework. 😀


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