Photographer Cookies

A group of lovely ladies got together this past week to go to the WPPI {wedding photographer’s conference} in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.  The event looked amazing and since they’re all friends, can you imagine how fun that would be?  Lucky!  Three of the ladies are professional photographers and one is a self proclaimed “newb with a lens”.  

So my friend Darby of Darby M Photography asked if I could create cookies based off her photog friend’s websites to give to them during their girl/photography getaway.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE sitting and looking through galleries of beautiful photos.  The personality and happiness that is captured by these talented ladies is PHENOMENAL!  I know I was supposed to be scoping out their sites for cookie inspiration, but I found myself getting lost in the slideshows of gorgeousness!  Amazing, each and every one.  I will put a link to their sites and you can also get lost in some beautifully captured moments.  {You didn’t want to finish that laundry anyway!}      
 Darby M Photography

Even though Clisty is not a professional photographer, her blog is HILARIOUS and definitely worth a visit.  Since she doesn’t have a website, I made a “logo” for her.  So fun to create something for Clisty because she is a hilarious and awesome woman who I had the pleasure of running in a two day, 187 mile relay with last fall.  For her second cookie I created a “Jewel Kade”ish charm for her because she sells JK and I painted on an old fashioned camera advert.  I later learned that one of her nicknames was Brownie when she was younger! { a take-off of her maiden name }.  Love it when that happens 😀

Each of the ladies got a chip cookie as well with the WPPI logo 
What a fun time they must have had!  Taking pictures on the strip, hanging out with 15,000 of their closest photographer friends… and most importantly eating cookies.  

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  1. Paula

    What lovely coolies you decorated for each of these very talented women and a special logo cookie for the newb! Lucky ladies 🙂

  2. Darby

    Liz I can't thank you enough!!!! You should have seen the girls when I gave them their cookies! Jumping up and down ensued and squeals were heard all over the Vegas strip! 🙂 Pictures were taken, some were eaten pretty quick and some (like mine) will last a little longer for more photo opportunities! I was witness to Kristen eating her cookie and I do believe her eyes rolled in the back of her head … a sure sign of pure extreme yummy factor! You are amazing!!!!!!

  3. ClistyB

    Gonna clip mine to an xl ball chain and wear it around town! I left before I could see what was in Darby's secret box. Can't wait to get mine!

  4. Oh, my gosh! CeCe Can't sleep? She is hysterical! Then, when I click further, I see blogs she follows. More snarky, funny blogs. And your cookie artwork??? You inspire me. I never picked up a pastry bag until I accidentally clicked on your blog. First time baking had me whipping up 350 cookies for my mother's memorial. Through your inspiration, and a few other cookie blogs: Karen's cookies, sprinkle bakes, My little bakery, Haniela, and more…they turned out beautifully. Thank you for all that you and those other creative women share. It really means the world to me!

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