ADTE: Day 9

Today we woke up in our warm, comfy beds/couches that the sweet Barbers lent us, took warm showers (I have gained a whole new appreciation for a clean, warm shower. It is a beautiful thing!). Krista made everyone pancakes and made sure to warm the syrup because she had read about us not liking cold syrup! She spoiled us.

We drove into Chicago for the day. The city is so awesome! I loved the skyline and the beautiful old buildings right next to a sleek modern skyscraper. It had a great energy and we went to the Memorial Park to gorge ourselves at “The Taste of Chicago”. The whole park was lined with booths from restaurants all over Chicago, offering tastes of their cuisine. We bought tickets and went crazy! They give you a “taste sized” portion and by basically eating appetizers across the park, you get full and get to try as many flavors as you can handle. We started with spinach stuffed pizza, went to spicy chicken skewers, potato & beef pirogues, moved on to fries with curry sauce, frozen bananas, and pulled pork sandwich… that wasn’t even halfway through the park. Next was a hot link, watermelon ice, garlic buttered potatoes, watermelon, we took the Pepsi challenge, blue bunny ice cream, went to the sensodyne booth and brushed our teeth, then tried a really yucky Mountain Dew energy drink, an Indian chickpea rice dish, empanadas, mozarella stuffed meatballs, more ice cream, and one more round of watermelon… woah! Writing that all down and I see how many flavors we enjoyed. It was an amazing gastrointestinal experience.

We took a little break on the grass, I think I fell asleep for a bit in the shade, and then we left the park to… Where else? Superdawg for hot dogs… What the WHAT?! After all that Mr. John HAD to go to Superdawg. We only had a limited time and he couldn’t miss his chance to get a Superdawg. (warning: there is waaaay too much good food in Chicago!). Then we headed to the Cubs vs. Angels game at Wrigley Field. What a beautiful ballpark! It doesn’t have all the ribbon boards and big screens with advertisements. Don’t get me wrong, all that stuff is fun, but this stadium is largely unchanged since 1913 with a wall of ivy in the outfield and roaming 5piece brass band. In a word, it was charming. It was a crazy game with the Angels winning 12 – 1.

We got a little crazy on the bus ride back to our car. When we got back at about 10:30 Krista, Madi, and Jack were waiting up for us and we all stayed up until 1:00 playing… yes, even the kids. We couldn’t get enough of the sweet Barbers!

Krista and I in the dark hours of morning.


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