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Thrifty Thursday

I don’t know about you, but I love thrifting, garage-saling, deal-finding, and Craigslisting! I’m not a huge shopper, but the thrill of finding a great deal runs deep in my frugal blood. I decided to dedicate my Thursday posts to the wonderful world of all things thrifty.

When I look through a magazine and they list the ridiculous prices of a model’s ensemble, it makes me laugh… or roll my eyes, or wonder, “WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD BUY THAT UGLY _________(shirt, dress, belt, etc.) FOR $$$$________.__?!”
So for those who celebrate their cheapskatery, join me for Thrifty Thursday!
This week I found this adorable floral wrap dress at the thrift store. A little pricey at $6.oo, but I think well worth the splurge. I didn’t even try it on, I was that sure of its Easter Sunday-worthiness. I am going to debut this look on Sunday… well, maybe not the silly face, but the dress.
For someone who loves to take pictures, I am REALLY bad at being in them. I never know what to do with myself which usually ends up in some awful pictures.  I was debating just cropping my head out, but that was a little creepy looking.

So pay no attention to the lady in the dress, just the dress.  Cute, right?  Sort of a 50’s feel to it.
I would love to hear about your deals or include them in the next Thrifty Thursday.  Share!  I love a good money-saving story with a happy ending.

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  1. Awesome find! Looks great on, too. I'd agree that $6 is high for secondhand, but worth every penny. Besides, if you got it at a "vintage" store, you'd pay way more than that. 😉

    I'm personally addicted to thrift store broomstick and other long flowy skirts right now. I've been reworking them into even fluffier tribal skirts. My last outfit for a party (steampunk) is entirely secondhand:


    Happy Hunting!


  2. Liz you can't take a bad picture, you are beautiful no matter what! You looked fabulous on Sunday and I never would have guessed it wasn't brand new top designer. Where did you find it?

  3. Bailey took about 10 pictures of me and this was the least goofy! Yep, lots of bad pictures 😀 I found this dress at the new thrift store on Creston.

  4. I love your creativity. I can now dive into crafting and thrift-ing and all the mess it creates in my not-so-little house with abandon. It was just too hard on Ron to see any space cluttered the fight was not worth it—but now I can have my own kind of fun. PS I spent the last 10 years stocking up on my supplies so I'm eager to see what is waiting for me. You inspire me. I'm looking forward to next Thursday. Have fun.

  5. Very cute dress! $6 that is awesome! I've gotten belts, shirts, shoes, jackets and much from rummage sales! All you can put in a bag for a BUCK! You just can't beat that. And more than a decade later I'm still wearing lots of those finds.

  6. The dress is super cute and you look beautiful in it. I love thrifting, too! The best deal I have ever gotten has to be an Eddie Bauer queen-size quilt for $8.00…not a thing wrong with it! My friend was so jealous she almost made me walk home…luckily I had had foot surgery a few weeks earlier and was on crutches or she actually would have. lol.

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