Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

There seem to be two camps in this world when it comes to pumpkin eating. A camp of pumpkin haters and a camp of pumpkin lovers. There is no in-between either. For some reason the debate over this flavorful icon of autumn is very polarizing! I think there is one thing that both lovers and haters can agree on: PUMPKINS ARE THE HAPPIEST PLANTS ON THE PLANET! Of course this is coming from a pumpkin lover, but c’mon… can you look at a chunky orange pumpkin and not smile?

As a self titled pumpkin extremist {I put pumpkin in everything this time of year!} I was super excited to be a part of Callye’s {aka Sugarbelle} pumpkin cutter collaboration. The challenge? Using a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter… make something. Yes, it is really that simple and broad and look at the amazing and creative results! I am in pumpkin heaven!

Get a closer look at all the pumpkin goodness here:

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17. 3-D Pumpkin Cookie, Cookie Crazie

18. Faberge-Style Pumpkin Coach, Oh, Sugar Events

19. Peek-a-Boo Pumpkin Cupcake Topper, Sweetology 101

20. Slimy Green Ghost Cookies, Pink Little Cake

21. Silly Pumpkin Face Cookies, Klickitat Street

22. Pretty Painted Pumpkin Cookies, Glorious Treats

23. Lalaloopsie Cookies with a Twist, SweetSugarBelle

I had several ideas for this pumpkiny challenge, but who knows what happens when the icing hits the cookie? It turned into a little pumpkin love story…

Once upon a time a vampire named… um… not Edward… and not Bill… um his name was Mr. John. and he did not sparkle or make wind chime noises. He also didn’t wear people as backpacks. He was extremely dashing and kind, {he was also undead and liked to drink blood sometimes.}

So he happened upon a human girl… oh, let’s see her name was not Sookie or Bella… it was…. hmmmm, how about a nice traditional name like, I don’t know: Elizabeth.

Mr. John, the vampire was immediately drawn to Elizabeth’s bewitching scent. It was as though a perfume of sugar cookies was coursing through her veins and the cookie aura clinging to her was magical and intoxicating! He had to talk to her!

He was scared he would trip over his teeth when he approached her, so he went in prepared. He was a vampire with a plan:

“Miss Elizabetta. I have heard you make delicious cookies and I would be most honored if I could procure several of your culinary wonders.” Mr. John held his breath… wait, no he didn’t… vampire’s don’t breathe. erm, he waited nervously for Elizabeth’s response.

She blushed furiously, which made Mr. John’s mouth water. “Thank you kindly Mr. John. I would be happy to bake cookies for you. Can you pick them up in 3 days?”

Mr. John smiled a tiny smile so as not to scare off the sweet lady. He gallantly took her hand and kissed it, never taking his eyes off of hers. “I look forward to seeing you, I mean… seeing the cookies.” and he dashed off with hope in his heart… vampires don’t have hearts do they? Okay… he was SUPER stoked because not only was Miss Elizabeth going to make him cookies, she seemed to be rather enamored with him as he was of her!

The three days felt like an eternity to Elizabeth! She had previously been watching Mr. John for weeks, but never knew what to say to him. Now it felt like he had broken a spell and she had hundreds of questions for him. She made his cookies with all the love and skill she could put into them. She fretted over each royal icing detail and heat sealed them to keep fresh. Surely he would be able to see her affection for him through these cookies?

Mr. John nightly perched as a bat on a nearby lamp post and had watched his sweet Elizabetta work on his cookies, and other orders too… there was some serious high demand for her enchanted baking . He knew her hands worked special magic on his cookies in particular and he was in serious trouble of losing his non-existent heart to her. He swooped down and simultaneously assumed his manly form.

He stepped into her small cookie shop and the bell jangled over head announcing his return. Elizabeth breezed into the front room and her face beamed as she saw who had entered. “Mr. John! it is so good to see you!” she breathed. She ducked beneath the counter and came back up holding a box with slightly shaking hands. “Here they are.”

Mr John took the box reverently and slowly lifted the top. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. He then examined each intricate cookie while Elizabeth shifted nervously, waiting for his response. She cleared her throat and said almost in a question, “I’ve been told they taste better than they look.”

He suddenly looked at her intently and unwrapped a cookie. She found his gaze slightly more disconcerting than his silence. He slowly sunk his fangs into the buttery cookie and he knew at that moment… that first bite… that his non-existent heart was forever the property of Miss Elizabeth’s!

They courted for a while and before long, they got married, had 3 kids, bought a minivan and they were so happy it was scary!


Hope you enjoyed my pumpkin love story. I’m so excited to go to our favorite pumpkin patch and pick out our favorites this year. Well, I’m off to drop the ghouls and boy off to school!


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  1. Pam

    Gorgeous as always. 🙂 It was fun doing this pumpkin project with you. ♥♥♥

  2. I love a good pumpkin love story!! I am so happy Mr. John and Elizabeth lived happily ever after with the 3 kids and mini van!!

    Love the cookies! Who couldn't fall in love with you with one bite of these babies!

  3. be still my heart!!! I am always in awe of you incredible talent! You need to publish a BOOK!!!! What an honor to be included on this project with you. BEAUTIFUL COOKIES.

  4. mamakat

    wow not only are an awesome cookie decorator but you are an entertaining author too!!!

  5. Oh my gosh I laughed!!! The were so happy it was scary!!! Haha! Ahh. So cute. Well done. And the cookies are gorgeous, as usual <3

  6. I knew as soon as the collage hit my e-mail, I was going to fall in love with many of the images and your's was the first to really strike me. Wow, I love the images you created with such detail and your story was a perfect addition of whimsy. Love it all!

  7. I couldn't wait to read the end…I would have bought the pumpkin love book to find out. Thanks for the enchanting cookies and story!

  8. Cute story!!!! I love spooky "Happily Ever After" stories. 🙂 These are such perfection, confections!!! Happy Halloween!

  9. OMG! You had me so enthralled with this story. Not only do you have movie star looks but you can decorate one mean cookie and now I discover you are a talented writer. What don't you do Liz? You are amazing! It was so nice to a be a part of this project with you 🙂 LOVE these cookies!

  10. lizy b

    Aw I loved your love story! and I always , always love your cookies!!! Thrilled to be in your decorating company Miss McGoo! See you in November!

  11. LilaLoa

    "They were so happy it was scary." Ha ha ha ha…I love it!!! The silhouettes are excellent!! The piped frames are amazing!!

  12. Anonymous

    How you come up with such amazing cookies I'll never know and now there is an adorable love story to go along with!? You have outdone yourself! 🙂 great job!

  13. Anonymous

    How does someone order cookies from you?

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