McGoo U Online: January 2015

McGoo U: January 2015 Edition
Join Arty McGoo and her friends Laura Ewing of Cadillac Cookies, Leigh McClellan of Pastry Case, and Bobbi of Bobbi's Cookies and Cutters for the January McGoo U class. Decorate along with them as they create a set of Valentine cookies that are the perfect way to show how much you care.
Some of the techniques covered are piping, royal icing transfers, brush embroidery, painting, and more!

For a list of supplies needed to cookie along visit:

Mixing it Up: January 2015 Edition
Pam Sneed is known for her beautiful cookie designs and her innovative use of glaze. We chat about how she started making cookies, her amazing mission trips to the Ukraine, and some projects she has coming up. 

Expert Lab: January 2015 Edition
Come learn in the McGoo U laboratory as visiting professor and glaze expert Pam Sneed (CookieCrazie) shows us her innovative way to get texture using glaze and her very own concoction of candy clay to create beautiful edible molds.
Techniques covered in this tutorial are glaze texturing and candy clay moulds.

After School: January 2015 Edition
"Cookie Comments"
The internet is a weird and wonderful place and as cookiers we get some weird and wonderful... and not so wonderful comments, messages, and emails. In this episode of "After School" Pam Sneed and I read some real comments received in the cookie sphere.

A special thank you to those cookiers who contributed with their cookie comments:
Anne Yorks - Flour Box Bakery
Callye Alvarado - SugarBelle's
Elizabeth Walsh - SweetArt Sweets
Georganne Bell - LilaLoa
Hillary Ramos - The Cookie Countess
Nancy Reynolds - Sharp Cookie
Pam Sneed - Cookie Crazie
Samantha Ngy - Flour De Lis

And always remember: No matter what anyone says... you are AWESOME!

Extra Frosting: January 2015 Edition
There is always some frosting left over after a cookie project. Don't let it go to waste! This is the time to practice a technique or try something new. Earn a little extra credit and use up that extra frosting!