Frequently Asked Questions

I am lucky enough to get an occasional email from curious readers so I thought I would compile a short list of the frequently asked questions just to clear some things up. So here goes... Everything you ever wanted to know about Arty McGoo and maybe a few things you didn’t:


How do you make/decorate your cookies?

I make all my cookies 100% start to finish with real butter and pure extracts.  When possible I use local, farm fresh eggs and even some of the extracts I use are made right here in San Luis Obispo!  I always frost with a Royal Icing flood for a nice, smooth canvas and then the fun part:  I either pipe a design in frosting or paint directly on the cookie using food coloring and a paint brush, or sometimes both.


How do you paint on cookies?

I prefer Wilton food coloring for the consistency.  They work great and I think any concentrated colors would work fine.  I use a white artist palette to put my colors on and mix and apply them with paintbrushes.  I use the food coloring just like watercolor paints and dilute them with water.  A little goes a long way and you don't want to overwork the colors because they will start to pit the surface of the frosting.  If the painting seems a little sticky at the end, I lightly dust it with flour or corn starch. 


When did you first start painting on cookies?

I first put paintbrush to cookie in March 2011 and I LOVE it!


Are you crazy?



Can you make me cookies?

Lately, I have been focusing my energy on teaching the skills that make a cookier special.  Everyone can make beautiful artistic cookie creations.  It’s my goal to empower the individual to create.  Teaching is what I truly love doing.  I wish I could make cookies with EVERYONE! 


Do you paint on anything besides cookies?

Cookies have definitely become my most used canvas, but I have been known to put paintbrush to other things. My blog has several of my non-edible paintings in it and I enjoy creating a canvas out of anything!  


I always love hearing from new friends and I hope by reading this you know more about me than you ever wanted to!  Blogland is a grand place and I so enjoy "meeting" new friends and reading your comments and emails.  If perhaps I didn't answer any questions you have, feel free to email me at