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Adding or Changing your Payment Method

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For a McGoo U subscription your Payment Method options are Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal.

To update your existing McGoober subscription Payment Method please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your account dashboard
  • On the left sidebar click on ‘Subscriptions’
  • On the center column click ‘Add Payment‘ or ‘Change Payment
    • If your account is ‘On-hold’ you may need to select ‘Reactivate’ then continue with adding or changing your payment method.
    • If your account is ‘Payment Pending’ you can scroll to find the ‘Related Orders’ area and select ‘Pay’ next to the order that is pending.
  • Next select the Payment Method* then click ‘Change Payment Method’ once. Please wait for the processing wheel to complete verification and the page to reload**.

* NOTE: If you are changing credit/debit cards info you can select ‘Use a new payment method’ and enter in new card information followed by clicking ‘Change Payment Method’.
**Once Payment Method is done with verification in some cases you may need to click ‘Change Payment Method again to save the card information.

If you have any issues please email and thank you!!!