McGoo U Radio – Humble Beginnings

McGoo U Radio – Humble Beginnings

S01E01: Recorded LIVE from the student center on the majestic and magical campus of McGoo U….   McGoo U Radio is ON THE AIR!

Most great ideas happen on the road.  This is where Liz (aka Arty) and I have a chance to discuss, brainstorm, and laugh for hours at a time.  Last March, Liz, Kim and I were in the middle of a 12 hour return trip from CookieCon.  I was discussing how much I missed being on air, producing morning shows, and enjoying the interaction with listeners.  After almost 15 years away from the microphone, I had started producing a podcast and enjoyed the process.  Kim mentioned “What about a podcast for Arty McGoo?” and Liz followed that with “It could be McGoo U Radio!”  That was all I needed to hear!  My mind was racing with ideas for the program.  This could be a lot of fun.  I can’t make cookies, draw, pipe, or do any kind of art, but I can talk!

It took a little while to vet out.  Music can’t be played unless it’s properly licensed.  Of course, I needed to make sure we had permissions for all music use.  That took time.  Then, the content.  A podcast is nice, but we wanted to make sure this was sustainable.  After a little while to consider these things, and trying to find the time with two businesses to work, the three kids and their crazy schedules, family, church and other responsibilities; the timing had to be right.

That brings us to today.  The stars have aligned and we are ready to go!

All of this said, I have a few production notes.  First, the initial podcast to any program ends up being different than the show is 10-15 episodes in.  I know this will change significantly, and I’m OK with that.  Please consider this to be the “Pilot Episode”.

For this production, there are some hiccups, so lets get them out there first.  Arty’s Mic volume was VERY low, and I had to adjust it a lot in post production.  Sorry about that, that’s my fault.  I tend to have a loud, obnoxious voice, and Arty has an angelic voice that is a symphony to all those who listen to her.  I didn’t adjust her mic before we started.

This initial episode was fun to get started, and overall, I’m just glad to be starting the project and getting these out to all McGoobers to enjoy.  I am always open to suggestions. you can hit me at  I can’t wait to see where this project goes 🙂

-Mr. John

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