McGoo Tool Tri-Fold (McGooganizer)


Pack your bags!  Your cookie tools and brushes now have their very own luggage to keep them safe.

So you’re all about that jet setting cookie life but dread getting to your destination with frayed, destroyed paintbrush bristles?  Look no further than The McGooganizer!  This snug little clutch has a spot for 15 small tools with elastic loops to keep your paintbrushes, McGoo Goo Sticks, and water brushes out of trouble.  It even has a tiny loop to hold your itsy bitsy mini detail brush!  You KNOW how much trouble he can get into!  Simply fold the sturdy felt cover and secure with the faux leather strap and you’re ready to go to your next cookie playdate.

Even if you or your tools aren’t world travelers… (who is these days?) this little tool sleeping bag is perfect for corralling your favorite tools and keeping them organized.

(Brushes, McGoo-Goo Sticks, and tools are not included)

Additional information

Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4 × .5 in


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