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Upgrade your McGoo U Membership

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Monthly McGoo U members can upgrade to an annual McGoo U membership. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Login to your McGoo U account and go to your My Account area and select ‘My Subscription’
  2. In the Subscriptions Totals area select ‘Upgrade Subscription’.
  3. On the next page add ‘1’ qty next to the Annual Subscription then select ‘Add to Cart’.
  4. Next click ‘View Cart’*
  5. Next click ‘Proceed to Checkout’.*
  6. Review your order and click ‘Sign Up Now’.**

When you upgrade your subscription from Monthly to Annual you will immediately be given access to all of our great content and your Annual subscription will be processes once your current Monthly subscription expires. Hope that’s clear, email with any questions.

Enjoy access to all of the McGoo U videos we’ve produced over the years and other fun features including access to the Annual McGoo U Group, McGoo U Student Body on Facebook and more!

* Note: Ignore the reference ‘(Downgrade)’ as the payment system considers this a membership downgrade because the daily cost for an Annual membership is less than a Monthly membership, yea!

** If you’ve previously purchased your subscription or other products on our website you won’t need to reenter payment information.