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In an effort to keep pricing and inventory costs down we use 3rd party vendors at times for our apparel, tote bags & mugs, this way we can offer a variety of sizes and colors to fit you just right.

We’re environmentally aware so these products are shipped directly to you to cut down on shipping costs and wasted packaging. Though we have vetted these vendors and their quality is great, at times issues may arise as we unfortunately don’t get to see your specific product before you receive them.

Printify Returns & Replacement Information

Please know that the team at Arty McGoo wants to help as much as possible but we don’t make this return policy. Our current print vendor is called Printify and there are their policies

  • Returns or exchanges are not supported if your customer ordered a wrong size, color, or simply doesn’t like the product.
  • However, we can offer a replacement order free of charge, if there are any issues with the order, like manufacturing error, printing issues and such.
  • In case a replacement order is arranged, there is no need to send the original order back to us.
  • Please feel free to contact Arty McGoo with the following information used for Printify to investigate issues with orders:
  • Merchant Support Team with all the necessary information and photographic evidence for investigation
    • Pictures of the defect clearly visible on your product
    • Description of the defect shown in the pictures you supply
    • Order number
    • Name and email used on your account
    • Shipping address that was used for original order

We will then submit all information to Printify and share information as it is received regarding your replacement. This process may take a bit of time, thank you for your patience and help in getting all Printify return questions answered.

Thank you!!!