Frequently Asked Questions

I am lucky enough to get an occasional email from curious readers so I thought I would compile a short list of the frequently asked questions just to clear some things up. So here goes… Everything you ever wanted to know about Arty McGoo and maybe a few things you didn’t:

Can you make me cookies?

Lately, I have been focusing my energy on teaching the skills that make you a cookie ninja instead of taking orders.  Everyone can make beautiful artistic cookie creations.  It’s my goal to empower the individual to create.  Teaching is what I truly love doing.  Besides, once you learn how to decorate cookies, imagine how impressed your friends and family will be when you bring your own beautiful, customized cookies to the party!  

Subscribe to McGoo U to start learning online or come to a Live Workshop to learn in person.  Click links below to start your cookie schooling! 

Why do you film in Kansas City… you live in California!

Good question!  I film in KC because Real Media is a fantastic studio that is centrally located with state of the art technology and a crew that really cares.  Also… I love Kansas City bbq.  

How do you paint on cookies?

I prefer Wilton food coloring for the consistency.  They work great and I think any concentrated colors would work fine.  I use a white artist palette to put my colors on and mix and apply them with paintbrushes.  I use the food coloring just like watercolor paints and dilute them with water.  A little goes a long way and you don’t want to overwork the colors because they will start to pit the surface of the frosting.  If the painting seems a little sticky at the end, I lightly dust it with flour or corn starch. For full details and a tutorial on how I set up my food color palettes you can read about it here and here.

When did you first start painting on cookies?

I first put paintbrush to cookie in March 2011 and I LOVE it!

Are you crazy?


Do you paint on anything besides cookies?

Cookies have definitely become my most used canvas, but I have been known to put paintbrush to other things. My blog has several of my non-edible paintings in it and I enjoy creating a canvas out of anything!  I’ve been known to paint on chairs, walls, shoes, faces…


I always love hearing from new friends!  Blogland is a grand place and I so enjoy “meeting” new friends and reading your comments and emails.  If perhaps I didn’t answer any questions you have, feel free to email me at