Will you go to prom with me?

Once upon a time there was a boy named Logan.  Prom was coming up and he had a special girl in mind to ask.  He wanted a special way to ask her.  He thought an assortment of cookies would be the way to ask and she, in turn, could answer in cookie.  

Logan went out and searched for the best cookie-maker in all the land (*okay, so I made that part of the story up) and had her make the magical cookies.  Later, he and Nicole, fairest in all the land, went out on their first date.  After a delightful dinner, the waitress brought the platter of cookies to their table.

The lovely Nicole searched for the most positively yes cookie in the bunch and chose the “heck yes!” cookie to answer Logan.  And they will be going to prom happily ever after! 
Ahhh, the language of cookie is UNIVERSAL and so romantic! 

*99.9% of this story is true. 

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  1. Alyssa

    REALLY cute. This might be my favorite batch yet just because it's such a cute idea! Love it.

  2. Paula

    I love this idea and I love the cookies. So happy Nicole said yes but then again…how could she not!

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