Where I Come From

El Paso de Robles… home

I wanted take this post to introduce you to the place I call home through some paintings I’ve done. I live inland from the central coast of California by about 40 minutes on the northend of San Luis Obispo County.  Our town is full of rolling hills studded with vineyards and oak trees.  We are often graced with the presence of fox, deer, and the occasional tarantula in our backyard.  Cows are a more common sight, grazing at the fenceline daily. 

beach babe

A quick 40 minute drive takes you to our favorite beaches and Morro Bay.  It is a very common occurence for my dad to hook up his trailer and take the kids kayaking in the bay.  He loves to take them under the pier where they search for starfish and crabs.  Then, they all paddle over to the sand dunes and ride down on snowboards.  The finale of these trips is almost always a bucket of fish and chips at Giovanni’s and harbor seal sightings. 

Morro Bay, viewed from the rock
Morro Rock
the boats in the bay.  I painted each of my kid’s names on some of these boats.  😀

I grew up here, but didn’t appreciate it when I was younger.  Shortly after Mr. John and I married, we moved away.  When we came back to visit, I smelled the ocean!  I smelled the lilacs outside my childhood bedroom window!  I don’t remember smelling those things when I lived here.  After 10 years of living away we made it back here and have been HOME for 3 years now.

I loved the other places we lived.  We had amazing experiences and made wonderful friends.  I learned to appreciate the beauty of the desert, the energy and convenience of a big city that never sleeps, … but there really is no place like home.

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  1. Well, dear sis, you must add WRITING to your many talents. Your commentary is very moving and enjoyable for me…and always love your artwork…including cookie designs.

  2. TracyLH

    Oh, my goodness gracious! These explain a lot! Wow! You are an amazing artist!

  3. Monica

    Well, howdy neighbor … knew my guess wasn't far off the mark! Was born in Paso, moved to Manhattan Beach when young, and then returned to the Cental Coast a few years back (Morro Bay/Los Osos). So hard to resist the beauty and comfort of SLO Co. Love reading about your adventures, and drooling over your wonderful art.

  4. Arty McGoo

    Howdy! I LOVE Morro Bay! We try to get there a couple of times a month {especially in the summer :D} Isn't it great to be back? Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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