What day is it again?

That has been my blissfully ignorant question this summer.  Since the kids aren’t in school, the days of the week are kind of running together.  If there wasn’t gymnastics or church I don’t think I would even know what month it was.  But that’s not to say we haven’t been busy. 

You know when people ask you, “So, what have you been up to?” and all you know is that you’ve been busy nonstop but can’t think of one single thing?  So I gathered some pictures of things I’ve done this week just to prove to myself that I have accomplished SOMETHING and it turns out I’ve been pretty productive. 

The ever-so-lovely Evelyn had me make the above cookies, and this time they’re for her daughter (the gorgeous and crazy busy Caitlin) who raised a lamb for the fair.  The rest of this week’s pictured projects are:

I made two very thrifty wreaths.  One is made of pages of a book (from the library’s free bin) and the blue one is made of coffee filters.  I LOVE wreaths!   

    Framed book pages.  I got the frames at the dollar store and then printed some dirigibles (love that word!) directly onto some book pages (of course from the library free bin).  hmmmm, I’m sensing a theme going on here.

    Decorated journal.  What a fun, easy, and economical project.  All it takes is a notebook, some cute paper, and some Mod Podge.  Throw in some glitter and maybe some ribbon and the possibilities are endless.  I made these with the young women at our church.

    Fabulous fabric flowers.   I knew there would be more fabric flower making in my future!  This time I learned some brand new methods from my super creative friend, Josie who has this awesome blog called mod blog.  I attached my freshly made flowers to my favorite hat (thanks again little brother!) and I thought I loved the hat before! 
    Besides the things pictured above, I managed to get the crew together to organize “kid city” which is what we call the usually crazy, scary, lego infested room that the kids have all their crap in kid’s room.
    What have you been up to?  Are you finding some time to get your craft on?  If not you MUST make a journal.  You can finish it in about a half an hour, it is cheap, it WILL look awesome, and it makes a great gift.  How many crafts can you say that about?!  Go on… you know you wanna.  And then show them to me.  I’d love to see!

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    1. Sue

      Wow, I feel a bit like a slacker after reading this:) I love the little lamb. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

    2. josie

      I love the flowers on that hat. Stinking cute. It made me smile. We had fun last Saturday!

    3. I love everything that you made this week. Both the wreaths are beautiful (the coffee filter one is my fav), the lamb cookies are adorable. Your dirigibles prints…WOW and your flowers certainly add some panache to that hat. I only wish my creative crafty gene was as active and as talented as yours.

    4. Sue, I don't think the word slacker could ever be applied to you!
      Josie, thanks again for teaching me 😀
      Paula, I can tell your creative crafty gene is alive and well 😀 You are amazing!

    5. Anonymous

      Hi Liz it's Briana I love on this the journal you made for Denver ha and you're nails are coordinated again. Love the blog.

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